Bored, Haze and Hawaii

Ini gambar Westin Maui Resort in Hawaii. Tak dak jerebu dan langit dan laut sama membiru.

I'm terribly bored with dense people. I'm awfully tired with unreasonable people. And I'm so sick with the haze (nasib baik hujan semalam). What to do? Just ignore them and move on.

Oleh kerana bosan teramat and to put some excitement into my life today, I decided to main scanner kat office lagi. This time I scanned pictures of Westin Hotel in Maui (bunyi macam Mawi). I stayed at this hotel while I was attending a conference in Hawaii a few years ago. It was such a wonderful hotel. I resolve to bring the family over one day. InsyaAllah!

This is where we had a welcome cocktail on the first night we were there. I minum Coke jer lar.

This is simply stunning. This the hotel lobby. I was so damn tired masa sampai (what with the missed flight and all) but to be greeted with such breathtaking surroundings more than made up with all the trouble that I have to endure while coming over. And we all know how pleasant the weather in Hawaii is, right? To make it more wonderful, the receptionist masa tu speak Malay.



suhaimi sulaiman said...

Can you squeeze me in your luggage? I love Maui... Been there once .. like 15 years ago.

Mior Azhar said...

Kalau I kaya nanti, I belanja you sekali ler.

Maui is like giler best kan?

suhaimi sulaiman said...

Memang giler best