Yeay! Big people can win!

I don't really followed AJL this year until the final nite last Sunday. Yeay! To the big people. Adibah Noor wins. "Terlalu Istimewa" has been in an auto mode in my PC at the office for sometime and everybody knows that I love the song. Although as a parent, the lyrics are somewhat "scary". We were moved to tears when we first heard it. And Adibah's preformance that nite was simply stunning. Meremang bulu roma. Equally entertaining were Misha (graceful as ever), Hazami (very the professional), Mawi and M. Nasir (very the kelakar and surprising), Adibah Noor and Senario (suprisingly Senario was not as irritating as it used to be) and Zahid (hauntingly beautiful song). And I can't simply stand performances by Bob and Aspalela Abdullah (the girls were all heran kenapa lagu ni masuk) and the tired looking and gothic Elyana.
Enough said.

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