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Like most people, I follow the Lina Joy’s case closely. I’ve never blogged about it as I know I can and will become emotional. And in the end will look stupid. Am really not good at voicing my opinion in this kind of issues.

So the recent ruling about the case got many people “excited”. Including those Moslems who are backing Lina. Can you imagine that? These Moslems are supporting a fellow Moslem yang nak murtad???? Ish, Ish Ish!!!!

Anyway, I would like to post these two entries from Cikgu Nazri of Kata Tak Nak blog and Bergen. Very cantik punya entries. Read on…

It Must Not Be Legal

Apostasy in Islam is not tolerable. Muslims cannot agree to someone being an apostate. I am not asking Muslims to rise and do an Altantuya on those who apostate. I am saying that, whether a Muslim is a turban-wearing kampung man, or a progressive profesional, he is duty-bound to not agree to it.What I am getting at is that it cannot and must not be made legal. Heck if you talk of human rights, than its a Muslim's right whether he wants to pray or not. No, its not a right, its a duty and so is it a duty for every Muslim to die a Muslim. I don't really take kindly to non-Muslims working their butts off to allow Muslims to apostate. As for those Muslims, the so called progressive ones who are also disappointed with the outcome of the Lina Joy case, its their business. Whether they roast in hell or party in heaven is not for me to say.What I have just said above is my stand in this matter and as to whether anyone cares what my stand is, what do I care? Strange, when Muslims get slaughtered daily by satanic forces in their very own country, not that many would want to speak out.

When a Muslim wants to leave his/her religion many clamour to assist in the name of human rights.I am no Taliban, a terrorist or even a member of an Islamic party. I am just a simple Muslim who happens to believe that one do not change the contents of the Holy Book in the name of progress or human rights.

There is no New Quran and Old Quran. There is only One Quran. I will only listen to the words of another Muslim who has read the Quran cover to cover and understood the Quran. I will not listen to non-Muslims who have read the Quran and gives his version because he obviously reads it to prove that the Quran is wrong and if the Quran is wrong then Islam is wrong. I will not listen to anyone who says the words in the Quran is wrong.

No, I would not be calling for Muslims to rise and destroy all apostates. What happens to them is for the state to decide here on earth and for ALLAH to deal in the here after. Yes, like someone said in a posting somewhere, Lina Joy would still be a Christian. Yes Lina Joy would still be going to church and yes she would still be eating pork. That's her business. The crux of the matter is her actions cannot be made LEGAL whether in the name of human rights or whatever rights.

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Freedom To Choose A Religion.

One thing for sure, Lina Joy won't be arrested for the choice she has made years ago to become a Christian. But she can't tell the good folks at the National Registration Department (NRD) to delete the word Islam off her Mykad so that she could go on with her life as a staunch Christian. Marry her Christian boyfriend, and in a couple of years, give birth to a couple of Christian children who will be running around the house singing Jingle Bell Jingle All The way. The children will probably grow up to become Santa Claus or a high priest, or a vicar, or even a pope. Lina Joy will probably die a Christian and be buried in a Christian cemetery. They are gonna put up a cross high as the Eiffel Tower on her grave as a mark of respect for her diligence and steadfastness to hold on to Christianity because it meant something to her.

To Lina Joy all this is a fight against those who get in her way of becoming a Christian martyr. Maybe she will be made a saint. That would be something to her children, grandchildren and great great grandchildren to write about. And that would be something for the Malay community too. Whaddaya know, someone who used to be a Muslim and now look at her, a Christian saint. Boy, she's gone very far that girl, eh? And the community will go on with life completely undisturbed by the whole thing because if being a Christian is what she wants so be it.

Maybe I didn't get it. But from the blogs I've read written by big names, and the comments they generated from the readers, I got the impression that all this is about Lina Joy being denied the right to exercise her freedom to choose a religion. Now wait a minute, isn't Lina Joy free to choose hers?

And she has made that choice on her own accord as a thinking adult, so she thinks. Isn't she free to go to any church she wants? I think she can even put on a t-shirt with 'Hey Look, I'm A Christian Now So Bug Off!' and I bet no one is gonna disturb her. Maybe she's gonna get some nasty remarks but that's what you get for wearing that kind of t-shirt if you are a Malay.

And I don't see the point of bringing in the Qur'an verse about '...there's no compulsion in Islam.' when it is obvious that Lina Joy is a living proof that she doesn't have to accept Islam if she doesn't want to. This is not about compulsion. This is about the NRD not being given the power to delete anything permanently from a Mykad. And this is a good thing because should the NRD have that power, imagine the damage it can do to your life should an officer decide to have a bit of fun with the spelling of your name, or your religion. Or your date of birth.

So what does Lina Joy gotta do to solve this problem? She has to make the trip to Jabatan Agama Islam, or the Syariah Court. She has to officially denounce herself a Muslim before a Mufti or the official representatives of the state. Maybe she has to bring along a Christian priest just in case the good folks at the Jabatan Agama Islam need a working statement from a living person to support her application to get rid of Islam off her back. If she can't get a priest I believe she may have to bring along a Santa Claus but she may have to wait until November or December.

With this she would be able to obtain the official letter as proof that she is now officially a non-Muslim. With this letter she has to make one last trip to the NRD to submit the letter to the good folks there and they would be more than happy to delete whatever word she wants erased off her Mykad permanently.

This case has got to come to an end because the longer this goes on, a lot of people are going to get all boiled up inside and who knows what's gonna happen when people are boiled up inside. I don't think the Muslims will take kindly to non-Muslims coming in to air their views in this issue when the issue isn't about human rights but more of administrative and procedural process of a government department. As it is now, no thanks to Lina Joy, the non-Muslim are writing about Islam in a manner that could annoy the Muslims in a big way.

You don't see Muslims writing about Christianity even though Lina Joy offers an interesting opportunity to write about Christianity that could get the Christian annoyed big time. It's a free country but it is not wise to exercise this freedom at the risk of starting a fight that could escalate into a sectarian violence. Unless of course, this is the hidden intention among those who see Lina Joy's case as a chance to sound intellectual, open-minded and well-read by writing about it as if Lina Joy is the only Malay Christian in the world who need to be defended at all costs just in case she decides to become Muslim again.

The blog entitled 'Do We Believe In Qur'an?' by Marina Mahathir got me thinking; why the need for the question mark? Is it an indication that Qur'an is a questionable source of reference? Or is it a direct question whether Qur'an is indeed capable of dealing with Lina Joy or many other Lina Joys to come now that it is trendy to ask a lot of questions hoping that the Qur'an won't provide the answer because it is trendy to read the translation not learn it the way it supposed to be learnt.

All I know is, a person who reads Qur'an every day but is clueless or completely at sea with its meaning will not think twice to defend the Qur'an with his or her life when someone as much as say something like 'huh' to Qur'an. Is this fanaticism? To the westerners maybe, but to Muslims its Iman.

To Lina Joy if you happen to read this; please, ma'am. You gotta resolve this issue fast. As a good Christian, I'm sure you don't want to see things turning ugly on your account because I'm sure you know you are not worth the salt to be dying for or getting into a fight for. You may think Islam is trying to force you to accept things you find repulsive but the truth is Islam won't lose anything if you to decide to become the first female pope. Islam doesn't lose anything if everyone on earth decides to become Christian or whatever religion that may come along as time goes by.

The truth is, this is your personal fight with the NRD so deal with it. Do the right thing because there are lot of people out there who think all this is about human rights, no compulsion in Islam, or Syariah Court is now above everything else. Well maybe it's about time the Syariah Court should be made the highest court in this boleh land. After all it's a boleh thing to do. It ain't that hard. And by the looks of it, maybe it will soon.

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