Currently Reading....

I'm currently reading three wonderful books in one go. It kind of mess up my train of thoughts though as I keep on mixing up various characters. But still, it's heaven!

Robert Kiyosaki's If You Want To Be Rich & Happy Don't Go To School? is simply profound. An eye opener indeed.
Jed Rubenfeld's The Intepretation of Murder is an unusually intelligent novel which entertains, intrigues and informs all at the same time.
And I spent my lunch break by driving up to Kinokuniya two days ago for Khaled Hosseini's latest A Thousand Splendid Suns. Ever since I read his best selling The Kite Runner last year, I wouldn't want to miss his second novel. And what a masterpiece this one is! I'm happy.
But come this Saturday, I'll drop everything else to read this:
Thank God! Asma's got her trial exam coming up. So Bapak's going to read it first. I'm so excited. Beyond Words. Three days to go....


~The Urban Factor~ said...

abang a'a...u going to get the children ka adult version? yah pon tak sabaq sangat2...sonok gila. dah pesan kat amin (my hubby) kena kluaq pada umah before 6:30 in d morning! hehehehe

lucky d twins are not here. kalau tak mesti berebut :-D

Mior Azhar said...

children version lar, kat sini adults are outnumbered three to two. Lagipun all the collections we had are Children's versions. Tapi apart from the cover, ada beza ka between the two?
Anyways, memang excited giler, ngalahkan nak tunggu hari menikah lar pulak.. he he