A dreadful Bapak

It's confirm! I'm not that good of a father. Here's why...

We went up Genting Highlands last Saturday. I was there to work and the girls tagged along. Everybody were excited. First time for both Asma and Arissa. It could very well be first time for Alia too as the last time we were there was when she was like seven or eight months old.
Anyway, Genting today is a far cry from Genting about 12 , 13 years ago.

Our outing last Saturday began innocently enough. We went straight to the Snowworld and all five of us began berangan-angan living in, say, Norway (we are hardcore fans of Ikea, okay).
Then we tried various rides at the indoor theme park. It was my first time on a ferris wheel since I was in my primary. Of course, first time ever for the girls. But the slow ride on the reindeer cruise got both Yan and me stumped. Very the menggayatkan.

But the real fun awaited the girls at the outdoor theme park. Asma and Arissa tried the spinner first and were having so much fun. Both Bapak and Yan were close to tears. Gayat again watching the girls spinning at top speed. We must be getting old. No, we are old!

Then I did the unthinkable! I agreed with the girls to accompany them on a cyclone - a roller coaster. For those who knew me, I usually stay away from this kind of things. Yeah, It's boring to be me but what to do.

Anyway, I figured that this roller coaster looked kinda tame compare to the other rides there so I said why not?

As the roller coaster only has four seats to a car, Yan very gladly sat this one out. And the three girls and Bapak joined the long queue.....After waiting in line for like 30 minutes, our car drew up. We jumped into the car all eager and ready to enjoy our adventure - with Arissa seated next to me and Alia and Asma behind us. But then got a problem -- the palang which was supposed to secure us in our seats (like our seat belts) failed to reach Arissa, thanks to Bapak's big tummy. I was already menyesal. Big time. Had to tell Arissa to hold on to the palang kuat-kuat, no matter what happen.

Before I knew it, the slow ascent begun and suddenly an overwhelming feelings of guilt overcame me. I hated myself that very moment for putting my daughters in such dangerous situation. Then weeeessshhh, the first 90 degrees descent and I thought I'm going to die. That's when all the dosa-dosa lalu suddenly came flashing in my mind. And I was holding on to Arissa!Not Arissa holding on to Bapak, boleh?Oh! Malu- malu.

Meanwhile, standing by safely on ground earth, Yan was busy blaming herself for letting us on this ride. She, aside from praying for our safety, was also dilligently trying to come up with excuses should anything happen to the four of us.

After the ride, I ambled wobbly towards Yan and told everybody to look for a surau. Need to solat taubat. And I sakit kepala like hell. Never again! Ever!

That's us.. ascending! Menyesal tak habih!


Anonymous said...

IKEA is a swedish company, not Norway

azian said...

ooops, then we go sweden, can?

anom said...

kak yan.. kak yan pun ada blog ke.. nama dah canggih "The Royal Queen of Kitchen".. bila nak post entry..

Recipes pun ok jugak..