I'm no Bill Miller!

My daughters told me the other day that I'm just like Bill Miller, the father character in that American TV sitcom, Still Standing.
While I enjoy the show whenever I managed to watch it, I beg to differ. I am certainly no Bill Miller. I can be more cruel. Ha ha!

The cast of Still Standing



Mior : I do watch "Still Standing" ..
he is one funny character..

Hmmmm...wonder what could be the similar thread that runs in both of you..hehe

Mior Azhar said...

Kak Ena,
It may surprise you and many others from NST days that I amuse myself by menyakat my daughters all day long - a trait I inherited from my arwah bapak.
Now they don't want to be seen near me in public not so much because they have a fat bapak but because bapak may out of the blue sing out of tune for all and sundry to hear.