Lelaki Ini

Heard this song while driving. Now I'm feeling slushy. Allow me to dedicate this to my Yan.

Lelaki Ini by Anuar Zain

Kasih, kenanganku
Ingatkah saat saat dulu
Kasih, apakah dirimu
Merasakan semua itu

Ke mana pun langkahku pergi
Ku masih melihat bayanganmu cintaku
Dan kemana pun arah anginku berlari
Hati ini masih kau miliki

Lelaki ini yang selalu mencintamu
Selalu, tanpa ragu
Lelaki ini yang selalu memuja
Hanya dirimu
Yang bertakhta dalam sanubariku
Sanubari ku

Aku yang mencintakan mu
Hanya dirimu…
Karena cintaku, tak berbatas waktu

Karena cintaku, tak mengenal jenuh hatimu

There. I love You!


AAA said...

Mr.Mior Azhar, I am just wondering if you are Mior Azhar- ex-Computimes. Your profile fits into the description of the Mior Azhar that I used to know - age, Subang Jaya - huge :) - publishing - used to write for IT and the wife, if I am not mistaken is Azian and they have 3 daughters and I am quite sure that one of them is called Alia.If you are, it is awesome to find you again and if you are not, my apology for wasting your time. Oh...BTW, I used to work with BH and we used to be "friends". My acronym should be telling :) Cheerio


Mior Azhar said...

Salam my dear friend,
I believe that you would notice by now that I am horrible at "keeping in touch". So, in that instance, I'm guilty through and through.
Having said that, I still consider you a friend. A dear friend. You are never "used to be my friend".
Mai lar datang rumah...Kita makan kek banyak2.

(ps: Alhamdulillah, Allah tolong, I'm slowly regaining my bearing again after that short spell a couple of years ago when I was left with almost nothing.)

AAA said...

vqppgMioq....mioq...mioq....nice to know that you are doing good :) Please email me at chewang81@yahoo.com and we shall take off frome where we left.....can? Can't remember who, but I was just telling someone about wanting to meet up with you again....the Greatness of God :) Salam to Azian. Cheerio

Kak Teh said...

such a beautiful dedication to your wife!

and such a small world - jumpa kawan di dunia siber!

Dad of Four said...

Mior - This song is awesome and befitting the dedicated!

AAA said...

Tumpang lalu Tuan Tanah.......kak teh...err...I mean...Liz......he he he....siapa lagi kalau bukang ku...berada di mana2 sahaja...he he he...mana nona daaa......

Sorry tuan tanah....kak Teh tu "Godmom" (ha??? momm?????? mati kena dusshhhhh :) kami di London.....kami au pair dia...:) ohh...keciknya dunia.....

-ms.lambchop of christchurch-
(errr...kami ada banyak nama glamer sebab kami ada identity cirsis...:)

Mior Azhar said...

Happy sgt you came by. Anyway, awat email hang lagu tu? mcm bebudak lah. Met Raihanah a few weeks ago at some dinner in KLCC. We talked about you of course.

Mior Azhar said...

Kak Teh,

Ya small world indeed. Any way I remembered meeting you and husband at the old Malaysian Hall, like in 1994. Tentunya you don't remember. I was there on assignment and masa tu Azwan was still there. I was with her then.

Mior Azhar said...

Fantastic song indeed. Hope Ib's better now.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bg mior,

this entry is a little corny but hey, what do i know about being a hubby anyway. you are one fine example of a real man. hats off la bang.

Mior Azhar said...

sekali sekala, menyukakan hati org yang tersayang... hehheh. It doesn't take a lot to show your love, you know. Janji, ikhlas.

aaa said...

Mioq...I did grow up but never grow old, thus the "budak2" email address :) a rose by any other name is still a rose - beautiful and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...:0 (some stuff in life never change....ha ha ha..)

Yes- I know, whenever "friends" meet up - my name will crop up - how could people ignore the mere existence of me - too LOUD to be ignored....ha ha ha....

Weeeiii..cepatlah email - kita nak cerita macam2 ni....nanti I pulang Kelana Jaya will surely datang makan cake isteri u...I tengok gambaq kat blog wife u pung dah rasa ala-ala mereng...especially apple crumble or apple pie yang nampak sungguh awesome...I survived on apple pie in Christchurch :)Kat sini tak leh cerita banyak2, nanti sure "Godmom" i tumpang sekaki and cerita "rohsia" kelakar ku di London......oh tidakkkkkkkkkkkk :)

Cheerio. Have a good Friday and splendid weekend ahead.

mariannie said...

Salam abg Mior
semoga bahagia disamping keluarga. Saya datang by your coment on Doc TA blog. Your posting make me miss my abah(allahyarham). Dia tidak pandai menulis - tapi boleh membaca(jawi). Jika dia pandai menulis-tentu dia akan menulis sesuatu untuk kami.
Salam networking & sambut merdeka dengan cara kita.
p/s- suka lagu tu.mmg minat Anuar Zain.

Mior Azhar said...

Salam Mariannie,
Thanks for visiting. Selamat Berkenalan. Selamat Merdeka juga dari kami. And al-fatihah to our dads.