Pipa is Three

Yesterday, Ayah Chik and family came over - beraya and at the same time celebrated the birthday of his grandaughter Pipa. Adorable! But the thing is that she looks exactly like Asma at this age. Why, when she saw our family photo taken about 10 years ago (when Asma was about her age), she was rather taken aback and quipped" "Eh! Pipa". And like Asma, Pipa too asks a lot questions over and over and over again.
After the mandatory swimming session, we had a cake cutting thingy with the birthday girl with her Umi, aunts and cousins. From left: Aida, Aisyah, Pipa, Alia, Asma, Ain, Arissa and her umi Anis.
After that Pipa went guling-guling on our bed. Suka lak dia. But she said that's Kakak's bed (as in Arissa's). And overheard a conversation between Pipa and Arissa
Pipa: Kenapa mak awak sembahyang? (as she watched Yan performed her Maghrib)
Arissa: Nak dapat pahala!!!


anom said...

eee.. jealousnya tak dapat attend semalam.. around 5/6pm tu Nasir ajak jugak pegi.. tapi Anom takut dah lambat, semua dah balik plak nanti.. so tak la kluar..

ishk, rugi betul..siap ada swimming session lagi..

Mior Azhar said...

laar Anom,masa tu depa baru sampai.. Tak de rezeki betullah. But Pipa is a gem really...
Eh dapat ke tiket kat IB? Kata ada extra show..

anom said...

tu la..takpe, ingat nak pegi celebrate kat umah ayah chik maybe tomorrow kot..

semalam tengok tak de pun update pasal extra show tu. pagi ni lupa plak nak check.. tengah check skrang ni.. kalau dapat, nanti anom bagitau..

Zawi said...

Happy birthday to Pipa.
Pipa looks so cute and adorable. By the way Pipa is a stringed musical instrument in China. It makes very beatiful music. Nice nick for her.

Mior Azhar said...

Thanks Pak Zawi. Really, a name of an instrument? Anyway, come to think of it, I don't even know her full name... Haifa something.. oh well, apa punya uncle lar.
Thanks again

Waaah, how many people goiung this Saturday? I'm sure you will enjoy it..Have fun..

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Give my birthday kisses and hugs to Pipa. MasyAllah! She's cute!

drNO said...

happy birthday to that sweet lil' girl..

Anonymous said...

happy birthday..u r soooo cute!
kak alia

anom said...

Haifa' Amni is her full name..

Bought 5 tickets-- hope to enjoy them this Saturday

mokk said...

cute nya..selamat hari lahir..

tokasid said...

Pak mior:

Ahh...birthdays. Fundays for the kids.With all the foods and drinks and doing merry stuffs .

The kids like birthdays for the foods and presents. Adults like it bcoz thats a way of getting together and do some catching up.

Happy birthday to Pipa.

Mior Azhar said...

Shah, Dr No, Dr Mokk and Tok Doc:
Pipa said thanks.. maybe next year, panjang umur murah rezeki dia ajak Ayah Ngah dia punya blogger friends.

Enjoy yourself. And yes, baru ingat Haifa Amni... cute jugak nama

Sarah Channel said...

Oh pipa, cumil nye.... ingat lagi first time abah ajak mama pi makan dekat Perak Golf Club, jumpe pipa, start tu dah geram tengok die. cumil sangat. hehehe