The Last Weekend of 2007

Time Flies. It's going to be 2008 soon. Just what have I been up to in the last weekend of 2007?

i. Saturday - The plan was to attend the book reading session in Bangsar and finally to meet and get my Growing Up in Trengganu signed by the author Awang Goneng. But I didn't tell a soul of my intended plan. Not even to the wife. Because I just don't want to get my hope high only to be dashed by some last minute thingy. And true to form, I was stuck in the office until late evening on Saturday. Sigh! Its year end where everybody go for a holiday and be merry. And I couldn't even go to a book reading.

Awang Goneng and his better half Kak Teh

ii. Sunday - Daughters said they need to buy more school stuff - seperti bags, tudungs and all. Drove them to Summit USJ, had lunch and followed them up and down the shopping complex. The truth is that both the wife and yours truly do not enjoy shopping with the girls anymore....too much walking around aimlessly. Window shopping. Exhausted, we went back home just in time before Zohor habis. So after Asr, with body aching all over, climbed onto the bed and was snoring away soon after. A couple of minutes later, Arissa woke me up and shoved my ringing cellphone. Naturally I was startled big time. Saw the caller's name: Samantha (hehehe). And I groggily answered the call. (Btw, Samantha is one of my bestest and sweetest friends - but she speaks very loud - quite a lethal combination kan .. sweet and loud!). She informed that she's with Awang Goneng and Kak Teh in Bangsar Village at that moment (they are her good friends masa kat London dulu) and perhaps knowing that how I long for a signed book by AG, she offered to buy me the book kat MPH and have it signed. Now, isn't that sweet? And then she passed the phone to Kak Teh. I was then trying desperately to snap out of my grogginess and sound clever at the same time. Because I look up to well-known writers/bloggers like Kak Teh in a similar fashion like my daughters look up to..er.. Miley Cyrus, that was a real surreal moment for me. Mau tak surreal, tengah ting-tong terkejut dari tidur. After exchanging pleasantries, we hanged up. Then I hit my head onto the wall. Why oh why, didn't I request to speak to Awang Goneng himself? Anyway, just in case I didn't get to see both you in person, Terima Kasih AG and Kak Teh! That gesture means a world to me. And to you Wan, do come over for dinner as the Tiramisu's waiting! Bila nak balik KL lagi?

iii. Later that Sunday- As I was too hyped up to go back to sleep, I decided to pay a visit to the barber - nak potong rambut sikit. As I was preparing to leave, the wife tiba-tiba kelam-kabut nak ikut. I was going: "What for?" She responded: "Nak tumpang baca URTV free kat situ la!". Ooooh!


Anonymous said...

Will there be any more book signing by AG?
And yes, go to Indian barber for free URTV reading session...hahaha


Mior Azhar said...

Which Nana are you? I know of a few Nans... I don't know whether there will be anymore GUiT book signing but yesterday Kak teh kata mungkin ler kot. She herself pun tak sure lagi.
Yes, the barber I frequented always update its supplies of URTV and Media hiburan. So just pergi sana for some free local entertainment update as well.

WANSHANA said...

Hahaha! I like the URTV part...Errr...dia ada Anjung Seri or Impiana, etc tak? Boleh I suruh my Ayah to have his haircut and I tumpang sekaki to read the magazines there... :)


Mior Azhar said...

Tu la kan? so cheapskate... but then again I won't allow URTV into our home. The barber I went to, however, has agood stock of latest URTV. Very up to date. Magazine lain tak dak... anjung seri and impiana mahal kot for them...
Happy New Year and Happy Bersekolah to all of us.

Mat Salo said...

Bro' Mior!

I was very grateful I was able to meet AG and KT at Konukuniya. I was nervous as hell and frankly I didn't even have the guts to introduce myself. Gosh, I felt like a schoolboy in Standard One! I think somebody else ventured, "oh, that's matsalo" and AG looked incredulous. But he must have re-called that sometime or other that I had visited his blog and penned some comments. Ha-ha.

My local barber back home takde URTV laa bro' but ada Mangga. Good enough laa since I'm a fan of Mama Juwie's since her RBJ days... he..

Happy New Bro' Mior!

Mior Azhar said...

It's very very hard to believe that you are nervous when meeting AG and Kak Teh. I really wanted to come for that gathering at Kino, but then oh well!
You read Mangga? Coool! hehee and Mama Juwie rocks... dulu in the 80s asal ada Pesta Konvo kat UM mesti ada makcik ni datang melawat gerai2. And this kampung boy was startsruck nonetheless.

Nafastari said...

Masih belum beli "Growing up in Trengganu"
Rasanya tak dijual di Bandaraya warisan pesisir air ni.. puas dah cari.

Nak kena pi cari kat KL gak.. Eh, best tak buku tu?