Whadaya Know!??????

Okay, I take back my word (as per previous entry) for not wanting to post entry in this blog for the time being.
But the present development is too good to be true. It's already 3am and the adrenaline still pumping. I'm monitoring the HarakahDaily and MalaysiaKini now... and I'm so happy.
Oh My Gosh! BN lost not just Kelantan but Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor!!!!!
All I can say is "The voters have spoken!!"


Neeza Shahril said...


~The Urban Factor~ said...

Abang A'a..

it was a real shock to us kan. even the BA supporters didn't expect it. kami kat penang ni lagi la malam tu tak tidoq.hehe

nafastari said...

Allahu akbar!!
But I don't get a new MB as U all do because I'm living in Trengganu.

Mior, finally U're in the majority, huh? haha...

Mior Azhar said...


Mior Azhar said...

Tak beranak lagi? Abg Aa and Kak Yan mula2 tak follow pun sbb we figured mesti mcm previous elections jugak. And then after a movie, terflip over to one of the news channels and tgk Samy Velly dah kalah and Nurul Izzah dah menang... apa lagilar terus melekat sampai pagi... siap bukak Internet (which posted results much earlier) and both the TV.. (with alia and asma monitoring each channel - awani and TV1)
excited punya pasal... mcm election command centre ler pulak... heheheh
sampai la excited lagi

Mior Azhar said...

Yeah, who would have thought? I am still over the moon... and the new Perak MB happens to be my wife's cousin (haaaa now I have sedara mara in high places... not that I expect to receive any tanah or anything hahahah as that will never happen I assure you)