Things I'm grateful for in 2008

Assalamualaikum and Greetings

In a day or two we will be celebrating Awal Muharam (somehow I still could not bring myself to refer it as Maal Hijrah, oh well!). And a few days down the road we will usher in 2009.

Soon we will bid farewell to 2008, which incidentally marked the 20th anniversary of my father’s passing and. It was also 10 years after my youngest brother Azmir’s death. It has been a long time, but I can still vividly remember those days when everything suddenly stopped, and my life was never the same again.

Anyway, what a year 2008 has been. Looking back this past one year, a lot had happened and for that let me apologise in advance if I become a little melancholic here. But I figure this is the time and place for me to put in writing what 2008 means to me. A sort of a little reminder that I need to constantly “bersyukur” with what I have been bestowed, regardless.

Things I am thankful for in 2008
Being Alive.
I’m still alive, I have a decent job which allows me to enjoy my life, and I am quite happy with how things are turning out. It can be better, of course, but you cope with whatever life has to offer.

Being Me. As cheesy as this may sound but I quite like being me. Really. Of course, there were days when I dreamed of becoming someone else who’s more successful, wealthier, and more good looking (still do... hehehe). Having said that, I know I am not perfect but I am still the best version of me. And I really need to be better at being a son, husband and father and definitely a better Muslim. I must keep reminding myself that I have been lucky and fortunate, so I should be grateful.

My wife Azian. She is my life. Period. For that, I’m eternally grateful.

My two mothers. My own and my MIL. Two amazing and wonderful women and I’m thankful that they are in good health. Alhamdulillah.

My daughters Alia, Asma and Arissa. Come 2009, all my daughters would be in secondary school (and effectively making us look much much older). But the three girls give me a reason to get up each day and get through life. There is never a dull day with them around. Watching them grow up has thus far been a wonderful journey. As they grow older, all three have of course develop their own distinctive characteristics and personality. But in many cases they are also alike. Like the fact that they are very much enamored with anything Japanese and The Cullens.. which still baffles me endlessly! And oh.. did I mention that all three are also the three most beautiful girls in the world (of course I would say that), and I love them with all my heart.

The rest of my family. I thank God every day that they remain healthy and alive. Apart from the occasional fever and flu, we are in pretty good shape. InsyaAllah.

My friends. I must say that the year 2008 is definitely my Jejak Kasih year. Thanks to the advent of technology, primarily the mobile phone and Facebook and also this space, I’ve managed to rekindle long lost friendships – some of those that I have not meet for over 27 years since we left school. I didn’t realize that I’ve lost touch with so many friends over the years. I guess it was just one of those periods when everyone was too busy getting their life in order, and getting ahead in the rat race. I regret not being in touch with a lot of good mates from the past, but I am not too sure if I can do much more than that. Sometimes I just feel like the stuff at work and at home take most of my energy anyway, so there is very little left in the tank to do anything else. And it is certainly very pleasant to be able to finally get in touch with my UM brothers namely Ishak, Hanafi and Halim (we are forever bound by a common experience all those years ago and yes we need to look for Salleh); my school buddies especially Adzman who came over for Raya this year and Roshazmi as well as Harman and Man Hon (and Man Hon, yes I’ve seen the pictures of our reunion last August, which of course I missed – that was really a blast from the past.. can't wait to meet with all of them soon); and friends from work especially the awesome Azwan (I’m saying this because I could not thank you enough for belanjaing me the chicken butter hari tu) and many more like Chandra, T2 and Michelle. And it was also wonderful to make new friends over the last 12 months specifically Hafiz ( you are one good guy, bro!) I would like to think that all my friends have accepted me with open arms and without prejudice. For that I’m forever indebted.

My new job. I’ve changed jobs thrice this year and I cannot even begin to be thankful for the current job. I’m enjoying it very much. Alhamdulillah. It is not a room with a door, but a normal workstation. But I’m happy. And it is close to everything I’ll ever need to get my job done – the photocopy machine, printer, surau, and washroom.

The bookstores. The place I go to whenever I am stressed out and needed to spend some quiet time. Apart from my favourite like Kino (which I must frequent more often) and MPH, there’s a new cool haunt – Book Axess in Amcorp Mall. Brought my daughters a few weeks ago and they too fell in love with the place. Expect to see us there more often. And at Borders too (especially now that some nice good hearted PR practitioner had mailed me Borders’s discount card – Thanks).

My home. It’s not big but it’s cozy. And its home!

My TV. My primary source of entertainment. Thanks Astro (but can we go slow on the celebrity weddings, please?).

My PC (at home) and the Internet connection. Thank God, otherwise I'll be lost.


Neeza Shahril said...

arwah ayah pak mior pergi pada tarikh yang sama dengan adik pak mior ke?
semoga roh mereka dicucuri rahmat Allah selalu..

Salam Maal Hijrah pak Mior..

Mior Azhar said...

Salam Maal Hijrah to you Neeza and your family. Insyallah tahun baru ni you will welcome a new addition to your family. Isn't that just wonderful? Alhamdulillah.
Arwah bapak passed away in Feb 1988 while my late brother in May 1998.

wanshana said...

Selamat Menyambut Awal Muhararam to you, Azian dan anak-anak :)

Yes, one year has passed - macam terbang ajer kan? A lot of things to be thankful for - yes, I agree with you. Syukur alhamdulillah.

Let's make do'a that 2009 will bring with it better things for all of us, insya Allah.

Akmal said...

InsyaAllah, tahun baru ni kita sama-sama set target dan laksanakan yang termampu dan terbaik!

getoffmyface said...

Mioq, Azian & anak2....HAPPY 1430H and may the new year brings loads of good stuff on your plates and may the new year makes us better Muslims who uphold basic human rights....

Mioq, it has been a great pleasure to meet up with you again after so many, many, many years and the roads that we have taken definitely did NOT change the friendship that we started off with...am also glad for that. And thank you for the kind words - I know you meant it, regardless... HA HA HA.......:)

Stay tuned my freng...& keep on appreciating life.....


Ishan_Qureshi said...


Naya saal mubarak (hepi niew yier)! Allah hafiz:-)

Mior Azhar said...

Salam Shana,
Happy New Year to you and your family. I'm sure that 2009 will be a good year for all of you. InsyaAllah.

Mior Azhar said...

InsyaAllah... banyak jugak target nih but dengan izin Allah, harap tercapai.

Mior Azhar said...

I've made many friends over the years but your friendship is among the few that I will treasure and cherish forever and ever.

Mior Azhar said...

salam tahun baru jugak... mcm mana belajar.. seronok ker?