Cerita Hantuuuuu nan romantis!

Thanks to Yang Safia who raved about the author, Stephenie Meyers and her body of works, I decided that this young adult romance between a human girl and a handsome vampire should be okay for my daughters.

So I bought the first book in the series - Twilight. And true to form, Asma stayed up all night to finish the thick book in one sitting. Alia picked it up the next morning and by evening she too finished reading it up. Wow!! And they have not stopped "yakking" about the book eversince(the last time they did that was last year when the last Harry Potter book came out).

Lucky for them, I've got a dinner appointment at Mid-Valley the next day and naturally, being a good Bapak that I am (eh cheh cheh!), I made a detour to MPH there and bought the other two books in the series - New Moon and Eclipse.

Now, Bapak and Mak are fighting over to read the same book. Yeah, it's a wonderful read!

To learn more Stephenie Meyer go to her website here or if you are lazy, read a piece on her here


wanshana said...


My Hanna is also into these three Stephanie Meyers' pieces. She borrowed the first one from a friend, and I bought her the other two a few weeks ago. I'm not too sure of the sequence though.

I wasn't sure whether they were suitable for teenagers, and so asked one of the MPH staff about it, and she seemed annoyed that I didn't know that the books ARE MEANT for teenagers! Like I should know?!

Anyway, I'm still trying to get her the first book to complete her collection. Dah 3-4 kali pegi MPH OneU - tak ader stock.

So, you and Yan are fighting over them books, huh? Maybe, I should try reading them, too...(IF I can find the time, that is!)

Mior Azhar said...

The thing is I'm taking such a long time to finish the book. Been pretty busy lately and the only time I can read the book is just before bedtime. And more often than not, I only manage to read a couple of pages before dozing off to lalala land. Interesting storytelling though. You should try, perhaps it can help us to understand our teenage daughters more ler kot. I think....

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Mior
A great way to get kids to read!
When I was growing up, my late father bought us books for our birthdays (I think I would still get books for my birthdays now if he was still alive!) and annuals at the end of the year.
And because of that, I got into reading, starting from Enid Blyton's to Ernest Hemingway's and Shakespeare's to other plays.
Now, my brother's kids are into books, no longer toys.
While the eight-year old boy hasn't picked up any of my books yet (the sister has), I'm reading this Doraemon collection.

Anonymous said...

SEE?SEE?ARENT THEY AWESOME?!! have i told u that these meyer books beat harry potter final book sales in US? ITS TRUE!!! EDWARD CULLEN I LAP YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -isn't it obvious who this is?

ed.cullen lover aka y.safia :p

the books in right sequence:

2)new moon
4)breaking dawn-coming out in august 2008
5)midnight sun(edward version of twlight)

check out meyer's other new novel that is coming out: the host! is a love triangle possible between two bodies?

yone said...

abg a'a,
hhmmm new book eh?its been a long time since i read storybooks..ehhh baru 2 hari hak hak hak...anyway seems too long...keep on rereading the books that i have so kena cari new books ler
since i got a birthday voucher(borders) from a friend bleh la pi cari these books kan...mmg best ekkk please ask asma/alia to do a review on the books bleh?

suria said...

I bought the book for 'my going to be 14 years old ' akmal...First looked at the book..he said...thick books are girls books...I said its about vampire...(i did not read the book yet..just from your blog.....no ..said my akmal....then I read it myself...wow..it romance teenager...kissing...sleeping over at girls place....okay dont think its suitable for my boy yet..heheheh

Mior said...

Salam Fauziah,
I guess we are lucky as our parents have no qualms of buying books when were kids. I have my friends (ramai lak tu)whose parents never ever bought them books, let alone encouraged them to read. Sad, isn't it?
On the other hand, pulak, I have never been good in outdoor activities like sports and all as my parents preferred us to read and study. tapi tak jugak pandai. Hmm.

Mior Azhar said...

I'm still trying to finish the first book. Very the busy ler. It's my bedtime storybook - so I only manage to read around three pages each time. Mak Yan is on New Moon dah.

Btw, hhow's abah? Hope he is okay. And Adam kata tak sihat jugak, true?

Mior Azhar said...

Just the person I want to see. you coming to KL soon? Ye lah you have Borders voucher kan, and surely you have to come up right? Ker kat Penang dah ada Borders?
Anyway, congratulations. InsyaAllah we'll be there tapi tak janji sebab Abg A'a baru start kerja kat sini and tak tau depa boleh approve my leave or not (and yes we work on saturdays too).
Anyway, to me personally, these Stephenie Meyer's books are okay jer (not in Harry Potter way lar) but I believe it appeals more to the teenage girls and women all over in general.
Hah nak suruh depa tulis review, dah jenuh suruh update depa punya blog... tak buat2 lagi. Asyik bersembang tak renti2 jer kalau ada kat rumah. Tak pun update myspace depa.

Mior Azhar said...

So is Akmal reading it or not? Not many boys like to read though, kena pulak citer2 macam ni. But to me a good story telling is a good story telling. Period. And this one is.

suria said...

Hahaha...Akmal langsung tak minat nak baca buku tu...he is still into Mr midnight and mr mystery...BUT...mommy dia ni tengah tak boleh stop baca....will write about it in my blog.

yone said...

abg a'a,
thanks 4 da wish :)...anyway bouy going down to kl tuh no promise yet maybe during my hols kot middle april...i tot u will be one of the many people who wud give me a call when u got to know the news tapi alih2 takdak pun org nak call hehhe semua takut kot hakkk...hak....hak.. by the way kat penang pun dah ada borders...

Mior Azhar said...

ye ye ye takut... jugak ... hehehe

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Mior,

The pictures of the blogger's meet are already up at my and Jefflam's place, do have a look.