Doa Untuk Gaza

Sedang kita enak diulit selesa
Sedang kita asyik dilamun bahagia
(dan.. oh ya.. sedang kita lupa diri berpilihanraya)
Ada saudara yang diserang nestapa
Nun tersiksa jauh di bumi Gaza

Berdoalah bersama-sama
Bersujud hajat kita semua
Agar derita tidak berpanjangan
Agar yang mungkar terima balasan

Aid workers report a scene of desperation in Gaza :

“This is the worst situation I have ever seen in Gaza. I visited a hospital and there were bodies outside and people crying. Buildings are totally destroyed. It’s really horrific. We are working now to get aid to the hospitals”

said Hatem Shurrab, Islamic Relief staff in Gaza .

Islamic Relief is one of the largest aid agencies working on the ground in Gaza and has begun distributing emergency medical supplies and equipment, as the immediate needs include medical disposables and first aid kits.

To donate please visit: http://www.irm.org.my/


drbubbles said...

Thanks bro Mior for highlighting the plight of Gazan in your blog.

It was heartbreaking to read the latest installment (10th)of my colleague,Br.Hatem describing the situation in Gaza.

drbubbles said...

Oh,It is here:


Ishan_Qureshi said...


So touching:-( God bless Gaza...amin!!!!