Memories: Yet Another Family Day

A week or so after my side of family held our own Family Day at Bagan Lalang in 2002, my wife's family decided to hold one too. Whereas the one in Bagan Lalang were planned months ahead, this one was rather impromptu... but it was still FUN!!!

With Yan's siblings and cousins and their families in tow we decided to assemble near my sister in laws' school (at that point of time, both Yong and Kak were teaching in the same school, talk about coincidence!). The school, SK Kuala Dipang, were located about 4km to the north of Kampar - not far from Kak's place. Interestingly, the school's vast compound also include a park of sorts by a river. Apparently, it was a popular spots for schools' Scouts in Kampar and neighbouring places to organise their campsite outing.

It was decided that we would set up tents and spent overnight at the site. Yeah, back to nature kind of gathering. With good food and company, this family day was another winner! We had fun!!!
My mom in law testing her tent!

On Day Two, we mandi sungai tak hengat dunia. The water was simply sejuk giler but we pushed on... even my mom in law pun terjun sungai in her baju kurung. Memang lupa diri betul semua orang!!!
We organised telematches too (mana boleh tak de). Here are the moms watching the proceedings - Kak Zai, Kak Encik, Yan and Kak La and others.
The lari berhalangan for the young ones. Later, the orang2 tua pun join in the lari berhalangan but masing-masing sibuk menipu. Anyway, it's not difficult to menipu as there's really one judge sahaja - Cikgu Thalathiah yang tak berapa nampak tu.

Arissa and Cikgu Thalathiah!!!

Nota Kaki:
1. Sayang a few key people were unable to join us namely Faizah, Zaki, Nixa, Kak Jah, Shadilia and Suhail.
2. So engrossed with the mandi sungai, Naim didn't realise that his glasses were swept away by the current until we were almost done. But then that's Naim, y'all!
3. For some reason, the then 6 year old Arissa refused to sleep in the tent that night. Jenuh pujuk she's insisted to go back home. After the campfire performance that night, it was decided that I'll drive her to my mom's place in Temoh. Asma pun decided she doesn't want to sleep there. Maklumla anak orang bandar. Anyway, to get back to the main road, I've to drive across the school's huge field and open the equally huge school gate. It was already nearing midnight when the three of us made our way back. Upon reaching the gate, I stepped out to open it and it was then I heard a voice up a above the nearby tree calling my name. From the corner of my eyes I could see, a white figure flailing up on the tree. Muttering segala ayat kursi and what not, of course I ran back to the car, slammed the door and drove away at top speed. We reached my mom's place in 10 minutes (normally 20 minutes). In that instances, I was worried more for my daughters - ya la takut tersampuk demam ka apa ke.


newr0ll said...

lawak ouh bile terkenang balik family day tue!
che'a xde gmbar mak2 wat persembahan??
yg makencik nyanyik lagu
"bila larut malam"??
btol2 klakar~
ble nk wat family day laie eh?

Ishan_Qureshi said...


Bestnye dpt berfamily day...! Teringat pulak kat my parents...huhuhu:-(

Akmal said...

Ni bukan pengalaman manis aje nih. Horror pun ada sekali! :P
Best lah boleh buat gila-gila ramai-ramai macam nih.

Neeza Shahril said...

I could sense the fun and joy though I wasn't there and of course not part of the group..
but who knows huh.. may be we're 'bau bau bacang relatives'

mak neeza orang Perak jugak Pak Mior.. Tg Tualang.. adik dia ada sorang di Kampar..

anyway, sukanya la mandi sungai.. ni yang rasa tersangat lah jeles ni.. ;)

Mior Azhar said...

Tu lar tetiba che aa feeling2 nostalgic ler pulak. But it was fun giler right? We should gorganise another one soon. This time more gempark ler as Kak Faizah and Kak Nisah dah ada around.. plus the tree cuties Dania, Aidil and Zara.

Mior Azhar said...

Salam Ishan,
Sebenarnya dah lama tak berfamily day nih .. terasa nak buat satu round lar... anyway, your parents masih kat Delhi ker? Tak selalu pi jenguk kar?

Mior Azhar said...


It was fun allright... until my encounter with the supernatural being..Now I can laugh about it ler tapi masa tu kecut perut gak la. How's life in Kuantan, Bro?

Mior Azhar said...

Your mom org Tanjung Tualang? Its not that far from our place lar... you selalu ker balik sana... I think I do have a few relatives scattered around there. Ya entah2 kita bersadara... boleh ler kita join sekali organise Family Day.

And how are you? Hope you and family are good!

wanshana said...

It's good that you all selalu buat Family Day ni, Mior. Kalau tak, susah jugak nak dapat kumpulkan semua orang macam ni, kan?

Everything looks so coool - the sungai, the tents, the family, etc. Buat camp-fire tak?

Question 1 : Did you go back to join the rest of the family camping kat park tu after your close encounter with the don't know what kind tu?

Question 2 : Did you tell ANYONE yang tidor bercamping kat situ malam tu about the thing you saw?
(Alamak...meremang bulu roma - malam Jumaat ni...)

Yang Safia said...

cant wait for da upcoming family day!!! btw, abah ckp all of us goin to do a choir of sumsort as our performance. wat song u ask?

one of his motivational song ler...

ape lg ek?

baizurah said...

GASPS!! abang a'a..takutnya!!

anom said...

abg a,

I knew you are going to bring up the supernatural story -- walau dah berkali2 mendengarnya -- masih meremang bulu remang-- eeee....seram!!

Anyway, lama kita tak buat family day kan.. kena buat lagila..especially bila dah ramai kakitangan skrang ni (ur girls, Chor's girls, and all the menantu2 yg baru join the family) mesti best.. but must make sure kena less 'drama' sikit la.. tak kuasa nak layan bab tu..

Ishk -- terkenang plak gathering kat rumah mak su for the planning/practice sessions.. good times eh..

Mior Azhar said...

Actually that was the only two times that we did family day... long time ago in 2002. After that masing2 bertambahla sibuknya... its not easy to kumpul the people..

Answer One: Nope I drove off sepantas kilat. No way I was gonna patah balik as the camp site were quite far back. Lagipun I was scared stiff so tak brapa nak boleh fikir.

Answer Two: Apparently my two brothers in law heard macam-macam bunyi that night (tambah pulak there're banyak pukul buloh nearby).

Mior Azhar said...

Yes Kakak, he told me about it too, lagu Demi Matahari tu right?
Can't wait for that day to roll by too.. there are so many relatives yang Ayah Ngah haven't seen in a long long time.

Mior Azhar said...


Imagine I've to drive back with bulu roma meremang all the way. I was expecting the "thing" to jump in front of the car jer masa tu. It doesn't help that I've to pass thru a cemetery to get to my mom's place.

Mior Azhar said...

lamanyaaa tak dgr citer. Yeah, those were good times kan. But kudos to Mak Su la sebab because of her the Family Day became a reality. And yes we should have one again. But I don't think I want to be in a committee anymore ler (tolong2 boleh) cause even though it was fun, the drama was like pulling me down. Let the newcomers and younger people handle it!

Anyway, we are going to have one (Wan Chor's exended family) in late Feb. This is gonna be rather huge as almost 400-500 are expected to turn up. Chor and I have been going for meetings these past few weeks... very the formal. I'm in charge of the media (what else) - see how big this is? more about in the next entry

nixa said...

huhu.. i tade.. i di JB time ni.. huhu..

nurul.. plan la lagi :D

Mior Azhar said...

yes Nisah, this time kita ajak H2O skali.... ada berani...

Neeza Shahril said...

Pak Mior, kalau bersogheh dengan Ma mungkin tahu kot..
neeza tak kenal sedara sangat hehee..

nixa said...

ehhhhh... tak payah.. kite minum fresh oren je.. tayah H2O.. kwang2..