Remembering Azmir!

Today is 20th March. And while driving back to the office after Friday prayer, I remembered that if my brother Azmir is still alive, he would be 37 years old today. I believe I've never talk or write about him ever here. Well, he (Mior Azmir) was my youngest brother and passed away at the age of 26.

When he passed on 11 years ago we still regard him as our baby brother. You see, Azmir never did grow up. Azmir was a special kid. A high fever when he was two impeded his development. From there on, Azmir changed our life. Except for going to the school, my mother stopped going out as she spent her time solely to care for my brother.

Azmir had a real temper and when he was having his 'outburst', he would, for some reasons, take it out on Mak or Wan Je - his beloved ...er.. nanny. And we the brothers and Bapak would have to restrain him. That happened quite a lot. As he grew older he became even more violent and often he would only stop after he managed to break one of the glass window panes. I remembered Bapak having to buy and replace the broken window quite so often then.

To make matters worse, he also suffered from fits of epilepsy, which unfortunately happened quite regularly too. Naturally, all through his life, he had to rely on medication. And to make him take his medicine was also a huge task.

Despite all these, we have had some pretty hillarious memory of Azmir. He loved to sing (out of tune, of course) and eat, obviously. I think, in his own way, he also adored all his nieces and nephews.

And when he was in his good mood, he would cuddled up with us watching television. That was priceless. Al Fatihah, Mir. We miss you... a lot!!!!!


wanshana said...


I couldn't help but shed some tears reading this.

Apa yang berlaku semua mengikut ketentuan Allah SWT. Allah SWT knows best.

Your brother came into the world to love all of you in his own ways, and also to be loved by all of you unconditionally throughout the borrowed times. His life had left a big impact on the family, but, his passing on has left an even bigger hole in everyone's heart.

Al-Fatihah to Arwah your brother - Mior Azmir.

Mior Azhar said...

Oooh thanks a million Shana. He means a lot to us. Still do.

Yangness said...

i still remember kalau opah nk bg ayah chu makan ubat, us cousins would gather around n geram tgk opah tenyeh the pills into powder the 2spoons.

regarding ayah chu, i was never rly close to him coz i have to admit i was scared of him a bit. but he never fails to amaze me. one time i rmmbered he was soo gentle to im not sure...azam ke arissa yg masih baby dat time. i rmmbered i used to try to talk him but he nvr rly respond but i think he listens to me yknow? i was rly curious being 6-8 yrs old dat time but i rmmbered he did smiled everytime i rambled something bout stuff any 6year old girl would ramble on.

Mior Azhar said...

That's Ayah Chu for you.... never really was loved nor liked by anybody except within his own family circle. But that's all right.. that's life.. and we would do the same to others..

Anonymous said...

Mioq, I still remember what a good brother you were to him - masa kita di NST, you selalu kena pulang kampong sebab nak tolong bela adik you and came back with stories about the things that all of u had to deal with - lovingly, nevertheless.

And Mioq, if it is of any consolation ,I pung nyanyi out of tune. Bila pi karaoke, smeua orang akan tanya each other "pompuan tu dok baca apa?"...ha ha ha...kalo i nak siksa jiwa kekawang, I akan ajak depa pi and pulun nyanyi tak lepaskan mike and depa akan menderita for the longest time..:)err...neber mind the LOUD voice..:)


anom said...

Al-Fatihah untuk Arwah Abang Mir..

Mior Azhar said...

Thanks ya. you remembered. Ya those days, petang jumaat jer I cabut balik to Perak only to materialise on Moday morninng. It was such a regular trip back home that so much so I dah hafal the routes along the way. And those days PLUS highway mana ada lagi?

Mior Azhar said...

Thanks Anom... abang aa pun dah ingat2 lupa pasai kerenah Abang Mir ni. I found it quite difficult to recall kisah dia masa kecik2 dulu. Old age, kot?