The thing about gatherings....

TTOT Family 2009

Today, the wife and I attended a Ikatan Anak Rantau Perak gathering in Shah Alam. Well, apart from listening to the latest development that're taking place in our kampung halaman, we were there to meet my wife's cousin and show our support during this trying times. We have not met him as yet. Unfortunately, he could not make it as his MIL passed away the evening before. Takziah and Al-Fatihah.

Anyway, the gathering went well, I think. A few VVIPS were in attendance to update us on the latest development back home. And it's good to see so many anak-anak Perak coming together like that. Unfortunately, we did not take any photo at the event.

Speaking of gathering, here are some of the pictures taken during the TTOT family gathering that we attended a week ago.

The grand backdrop.. didn't realise that they are going to do it this huge
View of the dewan from the top
Ayah Lah, being the eldest member of the family that day, was given the honour to officiate the ceremony. Looking on are Ayah Midi, and the co-chairman of the gathering Mak Nah and Ayah Chu
Mak meeting her cousins (from left Wan Kiah, Mak Tam, Mak and Mak Nah) in the VVIP waiting room.
At the green registration desk... Arissa and Asma helping out Yan and Melah ....
... While Safia helps me out at the media desk (which we share with the Yellow registration desk -- see Kak Chor and Abang Hisham checking their team in)
One of the highlights of the day...the slide presentation on Tok Talib and Opah Tekah family history.. presented by my brother Chor and assisted by Safia.
And of course, the two of us Chor's family (minus Adam yang pergi mana tah dgn Azam) and my family (minus me yang amik this pix)
The event's committe members

Good company and of course good food ... that day. Memang sedap the food and then there's three huge trays of nasi kambing mendi yang amat amat delicious.
Sisters Asma and AliaBefore the event, we had tahlil prayers, led by these three fine gentlemen. They look mighty familiar to me. Laaa, mat In Team rupanya.

Tok Talib and Opah Tekah had 5 kids. In order to differentiate the many family members that day, all were required to wear specific colours representing their family (except of course me and my family... as I wasn't paying attention as usual and thus we were among the few who came devoid of the right colour - much to the chagrin of my family hehehe)

Red - Anak- cucu Opah Ami (Daughter number 3) and Tok Jabbar

Yellow - Anak-cucu Opah Chu Tun (youngest daughter) and Tok Tasi
Purple - anak-cucu Tok Hashim (second son) and Opah Meriam
Blue - Anak cucu Tok Man (son no 4) and Opah Nik
Green - anak cucu Opah Sapiah (yang sulong) and Tok Yusof. And we belong here.

Pictures are basically mine and except a few which are stolen from Nadia Che Safri, Normi Suffian and Nazlinda Abdullah's Facebook.


leen said...

that was really super cool, siap ada colour-tagging gitu. But how come blue team so small? While for Green, obviously...hahaha

Good to know that yr family is still keeping track of the salasilah (betoi ke ni?...)

Mior Azhar said...

The blue team tu lebih ramai dari itu sebenarnya tapi apparently ramai yang dah balik, especially tiga uncles...dah tua tak larat nak tunggu lelama hehehe. But still they are yang paling sikit sekali pun comared to others... Kami yang hijau tetap maintain ramai hahahaha.
eh Amirah kawin on the 15th kan? I dtg lewat skit yaaa.... nak gi majlis lain dulu ya.

Akmal said...

Maaak ai. Meriah seyh :D
Dijamin seronok lah jumpa kaum kerabat macam ni :)

Mior Azhar said...

Memang meriah tapi tak sempat nak kenal ramai orang .. ramai sanat orang


alhamdulillah, after gathering ni ramai yang main add dalam face book. so, hope kita semua tak habis setakat ni sahaja. add me and purple family at