One hot Saturday... ada tetamu and ada orang kahwin

It was really hot and humid yesterday. And by 5 pm I was already floored... exhausted giler. I still can't think clearly and decided to go Yanged (Kakak, see you are a noun!!!) with this entry. So here goes a rather detailed happenings for the day...

6.45am: Wife woke me up ... in time for Subuh prayer.

7.03am: Refrigerator visit.. minum ayor sejuk. And then say hi to Yan's cousin Kak Encik and her husband Abang Din in the living room. They were watching TV. They came on Thursday nite and it was fun having them over, as usual.

7.05am: Decided not to watch the TV3 Motivasi Pagi with them, went back to my bedroom and switched on the Internet. Blog hopping! And of course, Facebooking!!!

7.16am: Yan came in and asked me to google pancake recipe. Okay, our breakfast would be pancake, obviously.

7.33am: Breakfast. Ooh got nasi goreng too. Yipee!!!

7.33am - 8.20am: Eating and chit chatting away with my tetamu. Can't recalled what we were talking about though. Hmm, getting old.

8.21am: Asked Hadim (Kak Encik's youngest son) to join me watching Diversity on youtube. I should be getting money for promoting Diversity, no? Then his brother Afiq also joined us. Last-last semua dah ada depan PC.

9.15am: Kak Encik's family left for Bangi to visit her second son Wan. (Hmm I don't even know his full name. Note: must ask Yan later).

9.30am: Back in front of a PC. Yan was dozing off in front of a TV. The kids were having breakfast.

10.a00am - 10.30am: All were getting ready to go to Kuala Pilah for Yone and Azri's wedding reception.

10.33am: Left home. Figured will be in time to join the rest in Kuala Pilah by 12 something. Took the KLIA highway (or is it the PLUS highway?)

1040am: The drive was smooth. Should be on time....

11.07am: Approaching the Nilai exit at the KL-Seremban highway and oooo oooo traffic jam. Damn!

11.40am: Traffic was RIDICULOUS. We were inching away. Just passed the Nilai exit.

12.38 noon: Reached Seremban. God. More than an hour from Nilai to Seremban.

12.50 noon: Exited via Senawang. Oh no.... so many traffic lights.

12.53 noon: Swung into Petronas Mesra. Beli roti... sudah lapor.

1.07 pm: Reached Bukit Putus. (for the record: this is our first time to Kuala Pilah) and it felt like we were going to Cameron Highlands instead.

1.18pm: Thank God, that stretch didn't drag on. Before long, after Ulu Bendul, it was ... urm .. normal route again.

1.30 pm: Noticed there're stalls selling daging salai, ayam salai among others along the way. Interesting. Made mental note to buy those on our way back nanti.

1.45pm: Reached outskirt of Kuala Pilah town. Received call from Anom enquiring where we were. They were eating already.

1.46pm: Asked Yan to read the map on the invitation card. She asked Asma instead sebab takut bagi salah direction and thus incurring the wrath of the driver..

1.50pm: Got confused after the junction.

1.52pm: Stopped at one kampung house. Asked for direction.

1.53pm: Got direction.. drove off and alhamdulillah found the rumah kenduri.

2.04pm: The rombongan were almost done with the makan-makan... so we took our turn. Lapar. And the food was heavenly... bayangkan daging masak lomak, among others.

2.10pm: As I was eating away happily, suddenly my aunt Achik promised that she'll give a baju batik (size S lagik) if I'm successful with my Biggest Loser effort. I just blinked and said to myself, "What Biggest Loser? I'm eating now!!!!"
2.30pm: Then took photos here and there. But it was hot.. really really hot. Imagine the pengantin in their songket berlapis bagai.

3.05pm: Left Azri's home.

3.18pm: Reached Kuala Pilah town. Yan snapped some photos for the benefit of her niece .. Nurul... who would soon become a full-fledged Kuala Pilah resident.

3.35pm: Stopped to buy the daging salai... also some dodol.

4.15pm: Reached the PKLUS highway via Senawang. Traffic was not as bad as in the morning. But it was still hot... no its hotter... even with air-cond in full blast.

5.03pm: Reached home. Exhausted. The heat was rather unbearable. Mandi, solat and then zzzzzzzzzzz........

9pm: Alia and Asma woke me up... they were hungry, apparently.

9.20pm: Left home with family in search of food.

10.35pm: Back home. Switched on Internet. And air cond!!!! aaaah lega!!!

All in all, the day went rather well. It was great having Kak Encik and family as usual. It was good to be able to join the rest in Kuala Pilah, despite the heat and the horrendous traffic. Here are some photos from Kuala Pilah:

Kak and abang ipar pengantin... Anom and Nasir. Kat Penang hari tu lupa nak amik gambarq.
Arissa, Asma, Yone and Alia
The anak-anak gadis and seorang teruna with the pengantin
The bride's family
Hari ni lupa nak amik gambar dua orang... so tuan-puan will have to make do with this one... hehehe


Anonymous said...

i see i have started a trend...abah loved my schedule of the day tuh...a true yang indeed. LOL

wan yone looks sooooooooo beautiful with the makeup.


took the liberty myself to check it out after hearing alia raving bout it.


yes ayah ngah, we're at THAT time again...LET THE TWILIGHT FRENZY BEGIN!!!!!!!!

alia said...

kak safia, kteorg dh tgk trailer die! AWESOME GILE! cant stop watching it!!!!! JACOB LOOK SO HOT!!!!!!! i think i love him :DDDDDD
although he's renee. BUT HE IS SOOOO HOT!

alia said...

i mean he's nessie. hahha. sorry >.<

Mior Azhar said...


1. Oh No!!!! Twilight again??????
2. Yes Diversity is AWESOME
3. Yone the pengantin is cantgik sangat... yes setuju!!!

anom said...

ok.. i totally don't understand what safia and alia just said.. so very ketinggalan zaman already la..

anyway, abg a - luper nak citer --last thursday before leaving for K. Pilah brought ur menantus gi klcc tgk wayang -- don't know why we went for Terminator (probably that's the only one yg start immediately - yg lain kena tunggu lg 1-2 jam). Anyway after dah bought the tickets, I told them --

Me: K. Anom kan, sebenaqnya kan teringin nak tengok Syurga Cinta -- tapi hangpa mesti tak mau kan..
Abidin or Akhbar (can't remember which one): Ya ka.. laaaa.. awat tak habaq, kami pun memang teringin jugak, depa(as in kawan2) kata best..
Me: Awat tak habaq siang-siang????!!! Rugi ja!!

Moral of the story: Lain kali, tak payah nak malu2 -- nak tengok citer cinta -- say it out loud, eventhough tak macho..hehehe..

Another story -- (courtesy of Nasir) -- Abg a, sebelum balik dari K.Pilah tu, Nasir kata saja ja bagi can kat ur anak daras have one last look of Abidin (Akhbar dah terlepas in another car) before we leave -- tu yang salam lagi satu round tu...hahahaha.. Alia & Asma, jangan mare ye!! ;)

Mior Azhar said...

Hahahaha... tu lar abang aa pun rasa mcm Nasir saja je buat mcm tu gak...merasa salam ngan menantu hehehe
Deme tu tau ker kita usik deme ngan bebudak kat umah tu?

Ni ada satu citer Kak Yan lak...
on SUnday semlm we masuk facebook Ayu ada gambor kawen Yone bagai... ada satu pix your cousins ramai2 ngan our menantus skali and Ayu siap tag mana satu Akhbar and mana satu Abidin. And then
Kak Yan: Haaa yang ini handsome lagi (tak yah le bg tau yg mana kan hahahaha)
Abg Aa: ???$%^%%?? Bukanke sejibik serupa dia org berdua ni!!!!! Kot mana lak sorang lebih handsome...

Oh ya ke... deme pun minat Syurga Cinta. Alamak bebudak dua org kat sini udah lupa daratan... mana nak tgk citer melayu dah..Tu yang raving about New Moon apa tah ngan Safia tu. Abg aa pun tak brapa nak faham apa deme ckp.

Anyways,,, pleas do go to youtube and search Diversity Britain's Got Talent.... tersangat la AWESOMEnya...

Yangness said...

OMG dun tell me u guys r serious about this matchmaking thing!! nampak gayo nyer safia dpt cousin-in-laws awal la yek...2 org skali gus plak tuh! :)

Mior Azhar said...

tak lah Kak, main main jer la... hahaha but kalau betul pon apa salahnya hahahahha

zaitgha said...

Salam Mior and Yan,

If ever you go down to Pilah on Sat and around that time, exit Nilai, go to Seremban and K Pilah from Seremban...the traffic to South on Sat mmg notorious since my working days lagi he he....sodap ek daging masak lomak....daging salai tuh lomak cili apikan dia dgn bacang mudah ....pastu goreng ikan masin cekik tulang....lagi la berpoloh2 dahi nanti he he.....