Finally... my last three state capitals

The year 2009 is pretty special to me. This year I finally achieved my life long goal to set foot in all of Malaysia’s state capitals. Yeah, after 45 years of being.

I’ve travelled quite extensively over the years (due to my work) but for some reasons, three state capitals – namely Johor Baru, Kuantan adn Kota Kinabalu – escape me.

Funny thing is I’ve been to all the states in Malaysia even Sabah (went to Labuan two years ago and took a ferry trip into the State and went river cruising somewhere) but never managed to visit the state capital - KK.

But somehow 2009, I was presented the opportunities to finally menjejakkan kaki at these three state capitals (and in my book it means the city centre itself and its famous landmarks).

Johor Baru – I’ve flown over JB countless of times especially in the 90s when we at Computimes have to take to turn to attend events in Singapore almost every other week. I even flew into Senai Airport once but instead of going into JB city centre, I went the opposite direction into Desaru. And that’s about it. And that's the nearest I've ever came to JB until May this year. So it was real pleasure when P1 Wimax held an event there and I was fortunate enough to join them. And I finally saw the Tambak Johor with my own two eyes and enjoyed the sea breeze in Danga Bay.

Kuantan – Okay, I’ve skirted around Kuantan a couple of times on my way to Terengganu and Kelantan (somehow you don’t have to go through Kuantan town to get further into the east coast). And this year, I’ve been to Kuantan twice. And the seafood by the beach.... aaaahhhhhh!

Kota Kinabalu – Finally KK. Was there in November. More seafood thanks to Veena. And its pretty there (well I was at ShangriLa Tanjung Aru and of course the view from my hotel room is simply breathtaking). I didn't get to do much while here (wished I've joined the rest for Island hopping sojourn on the last day though) but I'll would love to come back. But more importantly, this trip completes my dream.


anom said...

congrats to you.. Anom jauh lagi nak mencapainya.. banyak lagi states belum sampai ni..Sabah & Sarawak lagi la, bayang pun tak pernah nampak hehehe.. kekadang malu jugak -- sibuk asyik travel overseas je, negara sendiri pun tak habih explore lagi..

Mior Azhar said...

sihat? and yes... kita dah travel all over but somehow banyak tempat kat Malaysia belum pergi lagi. But Insya Allah .. soon and soon.

mamadou said...

Assalamu'alaikum Bapak

Tetarik benar dengan nukilan Bapak yang ringkas tetapi amat bermakna dalam perjalanan hidup ini. Berkesempatan berkunjung kesesuatu tempat itu suatu peluang yang indah. Jika tidak kerana pekerjaan tidak mungkin kita dapat berkunjung apatah lagi berkelana.

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