And we went out..... what else is new la...

It's Mother's Day yesterday, which if you ask me, was quite apt as it gave us good enough reason to go out and partake in one of our favourite things - makan-makan. Yes, despite the pervasive influence of commerce on the observance of Mother’s Day, we do take our time to ... urm... celebrate the day but of course in our own way la... not the fancy and lavish and expensive kind of celebration.

So off we went to this makan place that we just discovered, right after my SIL and MIL left our place around 3pm.

Here're some of the pix:

The Mother waiting for her....
... awesome platter of grilled lamb, beef, chicken
Both Asma and I were having sizzling steak... and it sizzles in our mouth, I tell you.
and I find even its Iced Lemon Tea was sensational... can you imagine that?
And this Iced Milo was nice to look at...
The eldest and the youngest went for their mandatory pastas, of course. Here's Arissa enjoying hers. Btw, that gentleman sitting in the background.... that's Mazlan --- our sub-editor at Malaysian Business where I work.

After stuffing ourselves, we then decided to jalan-jalan ke Amcorp Mall - now one of our favourite haunts especially on Sundays. For those who do not know, Amcorp Mall literally comes alive on Sunday because of its Flea Market. We can just walk around aimlessly looking at all the wares and knick-knacks on display.

See, the girls walking around tanpa arah tujuan... (that's after their mother successfully haggled her way to buy some Pokok Daun Kari at one of the stalls)

Oh by the way, one of the traders at the Flea Market is Halim, Nisa's husband (our niece). So naturally, we went up to his stall. Halim sells all these stuff for hobbyists.
That's Halim (with cap) - his stall is located on the top floor of the mall. Do drop by as he has quite a selection of stuff that will surely be of interest for you hobbyists out there.
This is the boss' wife - Nisah and my wifeThe best thing about Halim's location is that, it is fronting this book shop. Book Xcess is definitely the place to go for cheap good books....and mags too
... where Alia went crazy buying all her foreign fashion magazines at real low prices.
All in all, Amcrop Mall is really a cool place, in our book la, as the girls also bought some dresses at dirt cheap prices.
As for us, we were just happy to walk-walk with the girls. Aaaah, life!! Alhamdulillah.


pB said...

Salam Bapak

kat mana tempat makan tu ???

Mior Azhar said...

USJ2..... steak dia sedap dan murah sangat2 less than RM20

Yang Safia said...

I LOVE AMCORP MALL AND XCESS BOOKS!!! OMG I MISS THEM!!! iM SO GOING to amcorp mall balik nanti...!!! MAMAK FOOD!!!

btw ayah ngah, dunedin has this awesome second hand bookstore that looks like a set out of harry potter called Scribes. I love the ambiance (n of coz the books) n cn imagine myself staying there the whole day. my frends ada ckp there r other stores tp at the moment, they're too far la.

Yang Safia said...

n tell alia (as she is a budding fashionista) that leggings r all the rage here in dunedin. its like a staple to the point its crazy, they even have jeggings. i know its like the current trend but they're rly taking it to the nxt level.

Mior Azhar said...

Amikla gambar Scribes... even the name of the store pon very the nice. And what's Jegging?

Xcess book has moved to much much bigger and nicer premise you know...

Yang Safia said...

jeggings = jeans + leggings. idk, u have to be super skinny la kot nk pakai coz ppl slalu joke la "hey put ur pants on" since girls here looove leggings so much that shops dah ada jeggings coz they are wearing pants but...it's leggings. =_= idk if this is making any sense

Drama Mama said...

i love amcorp mall too! tempat dating tiap2 minggu haa kat mcD dalam gambaq tu. hiks.

i used to get my supply of books kat one of the 2nd hand bookstore, apatah nama dia. kat depan elevator tu ja. dunno if it's still there. huhu


leen said...

Err..Mior and Kak Yan...you both look a bit slimmer...hehehe (I love the 'ol trademark...)

Mior Azhar said...

Sungguh Amcorp Mall tempat dating? But I think sekarang ni bertambah2 happening la weekend dia.. especially Book Xcess dah jadik besaq... teruja sesangat kalau dtg sini... mcm susah benor nak balik kalau dah sampai

Mior Azhar said...

slim amende? but if you insist that we look slimmer, sapalah kami nak menolak pujiang2 tu kan... what's 'ol trademark?)