Another boy joins us!!!

Its a joyous Ramadan for Keluarga Haji Mior Mahmud extended family as we welcome the latest addition to the clan when Yone gave birth to a 3.2kg baby boy (cute ya amat!) on 3.9.2010. In Penang. It's grandson number three to my uncle Ayah Anjang and Wan, apparently joining Wan Chu's club of three cucu lelaki. Tahniah Yone and hubby Azri. And the new baby nephew celebrates his birthday with Mi Yong aka Anom and second cousin Azam.

(pix was "stolen" from the proud father's FB, naturally)


Yang Safia said...

ya allah, i didnt even know wan yone was pregnant!! wats the baby's name?

anom said...

hehehe safia.. u kind of miss a lot don't u ??? takpe la, itula gunanya FB dan seantero dengannya...Let's wait for the official announcement..

By the way -- Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin.. raya baik2 di perantauan..

Take care..