Kes berangan tak sudah

It was a cold rainy Sunday. What better way to spend a weekend than at home with the family. We slept late, of course... and then the girls decided to have an afternoon English Tea. So out came the teapot, the cup and saucer, the sugar and the milk Saved for the macaroons, the rest were home-made. We certainly had a glorious tete-a-tete session complete with our put-on British accent (or so we thought). And then we watched The King's Speech again. You can't get more English than that, can you?

That, my dear readers, was how our berangan tak sudah day went by. Delightful!


nixa said...

this kind of verangan i mmg suke.. dah la sejuk2.. mmg terasa tgh duk oversea ya.. ahaha!

Mior Azhar said...

next time.... kita verangan reramai ekk?

leen said...

mior, very the classic gitu...i liikkeeee :-D