Kita Makan Lagi!!!

Dinner Malam Ini
1. Its been a while .... but life has been good. Alhamdulillah.

2. It has been rather hectic these past two weekends ...

3. Two weeks ago we found ourselves making a trip back kampung for my aunt's (mom's cousin) funeral. We also visited my cousin who lost his son, daughter in law and grandson in a car crash. Al-Fatihah.

4. And in between, we got to spend some time at my grandmother's place in Pengkalan where the uncles and aunties and my brother's family also converged (after the funeral). Food, as usual, was the main topic of conversation and that petang we pekena kuah durian. That's nice. Really really nice.

5. The night before, my cousin Meor came visiting with wife Rina and son Adi. They stayed for dinner consisting of Tomato Soup (prepared by Asma), Spaghetti Olio Aglio, Shepherd Pie and Banana Caramel Ice Cream. Read Here

6. Last weekend, the Kuala Dipang family came down with my deligfhtful mak mertua. And we had makan-makan on Sunday with almost the entire Cheras clan and one couple from the Sungai Buloh gang.

  • Occasion: Birthday Perempuan Comel No1
  • Menu? Awesome nasi minyak and the lauk-pauk. 
  • The Chef? errrr..... the birthday girl herself... (sorry but we need delicious food). 

Another round of fun sudah semestinya. See The Photos 

7. And this weekend has been pretty quiet.. so far. But of course, we decided to do makan-makan jugak.
So the menu tonight are Focacia Bread (resipi Chef Wan kata Perempuan Comel No 1), our signature (cheh!) Spaghetti Bologanise (resipi Noq) and for dessert... Agar-Agar Banana (resipi Mak Su, my aunt!!)

Jemput Makan! :-)

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leen said...

eeiii sungguh tak suka...tak suka...! (kes jeles la ni hahaha) nakk jugak food tu, looks so yummy!