David Archuleta Live In KL!!

I don’t think I am qualified to be a DiGi Angel but I’m trying my luck here.

Okay, I want to watch David Archuleta performs live next Tuesday in Stadium Negara.

Here’s the thing… my eldest daughter Alia (she’s currently walking around believing that she’s Mr Archuleta’s future wife….and I went: huh???????) will be going with her best friend, Iman and somehow I got “manipulated” into becoming their chauffeur for the evening. And yes, I am merely a driver for the day as I don't have a ticket to get in and watch.

And I still blame myself for agreeing as just what am I supposed to do while waiting for them to enjoy the night away – I can see, feel and smell the traffics in and around the area already. Oh drag!

So, I think it will be awesome if I can get in to watch David Archuleta too with the wife (well, she’s a huge fan of Archuleta too and thinks that boy is a good “menantu” material as well and I was like ???????).

Nevertheless, I’m sure with David Archuleta crooning, it’ll be an amazing date night for two middle aged parents like us. After all, he’s a way better singer than JB. Hoyeah.

Archuleta if he decides to become my son-in-law.

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