The Reunion ... 30 years later

Facebook has certainly reconnect millions. And ever so often, you’ll see pictures of reunions being held all over. Thanks to Facebook, friends got reunited after leaving school decades ago. I saw one 50th reunion once and I went “wow, that’s exciting!”. And, then, I also stumbled upon this one particular reunion by 18 year-olds that was held after only three months of leaving school and I went, “what’s with that, at least wait la for SPM result first.”


I recently had the good pleasure of attending my 30-year secondary school reunion. And thanks to FB, many old friends became contactable again.

And I had one of the best days of my life. Really, I did. If you have a reunion coming up, Go! Without hesitation. Don’t believe all those crappy TV shows that depict school reunion as hellish experience. Unless, of course, you did have a mega lousy time in school.

I, fortunately, did not (have a lousy time) although I was perpetually in awed with smart and the sporty students while in school. I was neither – smart and athletics, I mean. I was one of the many that flew under the radar, so to speak.

Was I happy anxious to go? Err yeah… especially knowing fully well that I’ll be the fattest person in the party…. But I’m older and I don’t really care anymore. And these are my friends who knew me when I was way younger.

I guess when you reached the 47th years of your life, classmates were less inclined to compete and compare. The 30 years of living provided the roller coaster of life’s ups and downs that tend to mature people. Who has the biggest house or the fastest car just doesn’t matter so much any more. It was a time of talking about family and other harmless stuff.

More importantly, it was time to relive those teenage years. The din at the Grand Kampar Hotel hall on Oct 1st, 2011 could certainly gave one a headache as everybody seemed to be talking, laughing and singing (yes, we sang) at the same time. I tell you that it was fun all the way as BM, English and Cantonese were spoken at the same time.

Of course, there’re a few who look as they do not age at all (yes, very unfair) but I must say that mostly all look matured and wise.

It’s just too bad that I have to leave early as we had (Adzman and I) to send Zul back to LCCT as he had to catch his flight back to Langkawi. But there will be next time. InsyaAllah., I’m sure of that!

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