2011 Birthdays Fare

We try to celebrate our birthdays every time it rolls by. When the girls were smaller, we held parties. Then as they grew up, we moved on to special eat out sessions (usually birthday dinners of choice). This year, we decided to spice it up by having exclusive birthday meals at home. What it meant was that we took turn to cook special meal for the birthday boy or girls...

In April, the wifey turned .. errr.. 40 something and well we had nasi minyak spread. Unfortunately, the nasi minyak was prepared by the birthday girl herself - have to as we had many people, mother in law, wife's sisters, nieces and nephews in attendance - we can't possibly served my cooking to all these people, can we?

Last week I turned 47 and the girls surprised me an awesome authentic Thai fare

Then in November, we surprised Arissa with a Japanese-inspired feast - complete with the sushi, miso soup and the works during her 15 year old dinner

And a day before Ramadan, our two August girls Alia and Asma were given a full blown French lunch treats when they turned 17- and 16-years old respectively.

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