Scary Moment

It was scary, really. Mak fell ill earlier this morning.
Today, I was awaken by a phone call from my brother Azmi around 6.45 am and informed that Mak fell from her bed and apparently hit her head until berdarah.
In five minutes, I was already driving like mad to Shah Alam! Mak was lying in Chor's living room when I got there and was a bit better. She told me she blacked out and that's when she sort of jatuh. And when Mi got there we brought her to the nearest medical centre and both of us were astounded that Mak's blood pressure had shot up to 232. Of course the doctor said that Mak need to be admitted and of course Mak doesn't want to. So the good doctor put her under observation for several hours and alhamdullilah, the pressure reading eventually went down. So the doctor let her go back home.
But I was really scared! Even at my age, you really do not know how to react accordingly when you are faced with such a moment. Tapi syukurlah Mak is okay now!

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Anonymous said...

u left out the part where the cucu called ayah lang. :P