Musical Theatre at Istana Budaya

Last night we went to watch a children musical theater at the Istana Budaya - the Ali Baba Musical. It starred 80 school children and the ever likeable Aznil Hj Nawawi. The children were there to watch their Abang Aznil, and he did not disappoint them. He was his usual live-wire and sometimes we felt we were watching his Macam-Macam Aznil show ler pulak. Overall, the musical was an okay production but the children were fun to watch - especially the girl who played Marjina. Oooh! yes, we met Yah (anak Mima) there with her siblings which of course include my future sons in law - Akhbar and Abidin. Alia and Asma were freaking mad at me last night - kah kah kah!

Alia, Asma and Arissa after the show

Terjumpa ler pulak meja ada bunga. Amik gambar lagi.

Dengan tak disangka-sangka, Alia terjumpa her best friend kat, Mariam kat sini.

Abang Aznil and the girl yang played Marjina at the meet the fan session.


anom said...

Abang a..

I was thinking the same thing bila yah bagitau yang dia jumpa you and your family..

Anom ingat.. eee.. Akhbar & Abidin kan ada.. mesti abg a sakat Alia & Asma ni..kah..kah..kah.. tak sangka kepala otak kita sama yek...

Mior Azhar said...

Kan. Kan. Yang bagi Alia and Asma bengang lagik sebab Kak Yan pun join skali nyakat...