TV Watching - End of April

Thursday (26.4.2007)
It's a holiday for many due to Pertabalan Yang DiPertuan Agong. Woke up late and rushed to the office. Still sampai lewat. 11am baru menyelinap masuk. Anyways, at home, the ladies were watching the pertabalan ceremony live.
Second Daughter: Mak, macamana kita nak masuk istana? (Impressed giler dengan all the splendour and colours of the ceremony)
Mak: Ikut pintu ler... Kenapa?
Second Daughter: (without missing a beat) Arissa, kamu kahwin ngan anak raja lar. Senang sikit hidup kita nanti.
And then the mother quickly and smartly pointed out that the best royal house to tackle would be to cross border into Brunei. Yeah, dream on....

Friday (27.4.2007)
Entah macamana during sesi switching channel, we ended up at RTM1 and a certain live telecast was on that evening. It's called Hits Satu or something. Somewhat similar to TV3 Juara Lagu. And we watched, at long last, Diana Naim in action.
Both husband and wife were rendered speechless and numb. I'm sure many more Malaysian suffered similar fate. What the hell was that?? Seriously. And they complained about how bad the AF 5 students were. Enuff said.

Saturday (28.4.2007)
Akademi Fantasia 5. Aizat found himself eliminated. Lawak lak tengok Hattan bangun marah-marah kat audience. Nampak sangat people do not listen to the judges. But l liked the choral version of Joget SiPinang Muda. Apapun memang tak patut ler jugak si Aizat tu keluar because he clearly performed the best. And clearly jugak, Aswad is being pushed to become the next juara - thanks to the drama 'ayah dan ibu' at the end of the concert. Although mamat ni ada suara, but please ler, the way I see it, he can only reprensent the rock kapak segment of the industry. And although many people complain about Aizat's attitude in the diary, but me and wife are more irritated by Aswad's attitude. Such a cry baby and he's the oldest. Whatever.

Sunday (29.4.2007)
Satu family sedang menonton one HBO movie (can't remember the title)
Mak: Hero ni macam very familiarler?
Bapak: Lar, kan ke Bruce Willis tu. Takkan tu pun tak perasan.
Mak: (Mulaler nak merajuk) Ya lar, kita tak pandai banyak benda. Buat apa kahwin dengan kita (Very drama kan?). Lain kali kahwin dengan orang yang pandai.
Bapak: (sambil senyum) Lain kali?
Second Daughter: Bolehker?
Bapak: Apasal lak tak boleh?
Second Daughter: Masalahnya ada ker orang nak?
Bapak pun came down crashing back to mother earth, berguling-guling.


nisa said...

hahaha.. asma mmg..

lynn said...

hahaha....sampai berair mata lynn tersengih2 baca...