Demam oh demam!

I really am bad when I'm down with fever. Even a slight fever will set me off for at least a week, hence the no show in the entry. Whatever it is, I must be thankful that my wife is ever sabar with this old man and the daughters just carried on with their lives as nothing happened despite the fact that there was an old man mengeluh tak sudah-sudah.

On another note, just to inform sedara mara and those who are interested, that blog Asma dah kembali active and Alia has created another blog (though with a friend).

And Mak Temoh will undergo her surgery on 19.9.2007. InsyaAllah.


Dad of Four said...

Welcome back Mior. Hope you are well!

Mior Azhar said...

Thanks saudara Haq. I'm feeling better now. But the amount of work that awaits me at the office, I think can fall sick again..



i am sorry... you were really not well.
i am glad you're ok.
Tu-lah...kan mak dah kata, jangan main air hujan......

salam to Azian.

Mior said...

Kak Ena,
It was not the air hujan but rather due to spending far too long at the Curve, Ikano and Ikea.Dari before 10am sampai malam. Dah penat pun tak reti2 nak balik.