Finally! Its Deathly Hallows Guys!

Just came back from Carrefour. Got the much awaited Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows at a real bargain price of RM69.90. No wonder MPH and Popular and Times are freaking mad. Anyway, Ali, Asma and Bapak woke up early, very very early this morning. Kalau hari sekolah memang liat nak bangun but not today.

Left home at 6.20am. Drove to Carrefour. All very very excited. Reached Carrefour. Saw two lines already formed. Dropped Alia and Asma at one line. The shorter line. By the side entrance. Good move. Happened to be the correct line. Parked car. Saw people from the other line rushing to the other line. Ha Ha.

Queue up. It's happening. Felt good. There's a loooong line behind Alia and Asma. Only about 30 people in front. But as this is Malaysia, there are several late comers who went up to the people at the front asking them to buy the book for them. Some obliged. Some don't. Like Alia. Told one off one PakCik: "Tak Nak. Not Fair lar, Pak Cik."

7.20am: Finally, the book is ours. Yay

This is ours. In a car.
Alia and the book.

Asma and the book. She's already burying herself in the book. Wait seminit. Bukan Bapak ker yang dapat baca dulu...


arissa said...

la... tak ajak...

Dad of Four said...

So, Bapak dapat baca dulu tak?
I really enjoyed the book....Almost within my expectiations!

Mior Azhar said...

No, Asma still got to read it first. Anyway, I enjoyed it too. In fact enjoyed it very much.



On Saturday, I thought I'd go to Borders at the Curve around 8pm -- lepas naik bukit (my morning workout). but lucky me, lepas subuh, my good friend, Mia called me to ask if i wanted THE Harry Potter book. She and her daughter, Nivin, were already there, in line. Next door, at Carrefour, queue dah giler panjang.
I said OF COURSE...
one hour later, THE book was delivered to me. Aaah, God is great.

jangan marrraah.

BUT a woman can't have everything. It turned out that I was not the first to get to read it. My son, Adel, buat muka sedih. SO, what to do. I did what all mommies do...got suckered. Macam Asma-lah.

Mior, salam to your wife!

Mior Azhar said...

Kak Ena,
Ha ha ha as usual we gave in to love pressure. Thanks for coming by.