My 11 Year Old Baby Girl

This is Arissa, our youngest. To me she will forever be my baby girl. And when I'm in my mischievous mood, I'll call her "baby girl". Even in public. Which, of course annoyed her no end. And she would normally ignore me then. Arissa can be very funny in her own way. And can be quite eccentric. For one, she speaks a rather formal Bahasa Melayu. Orang sekarang kata skema. And she addresses herself as "saya" as opposed to her sisters who use their names as gantinama. Even now, she uses "saya".When she was around five and six years old, she even called me "Cik Mior", can you believe that? Luckily, that didn't last.
She likes the Internet. She spends hours playing stuff over at the girls-related website. And watches Hannah Montana at youtube regularly. Ooh! She's into copy pasting lyrics too. I guess that's rather normal for girls her age. But the songs.... I've never heard of lah.
And of all the daughters, she's the most unassuming. In my household, it means she's orang yang paling blur sotong.
One more thing, she's very protective of her Mak. Even from me! So Bapak still cannot sit rapat-rapat dengan Mak when Arissa is around. Isn't that just delightful?

Arissa around 4 months old. Adorable, eh?

Then her face became more "squarish". Muka petak. We always tease her about this.

Once, we were having lunch. Arissa was on the baby chair. Sedar2 dah terlentok tidur. Still our favourite photo of her.

Dah besar dah anak Bapak. Dak jadik diva ker?


anom said...

wah.. happy birthday arissa!! I still remember when she's small with all her antiques..dengan bedak la, lotion la.. what a delight.. Meor doesn't help much either..ingat lagi masa Meor mengajar diaorang menari lagu Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Backstreet Boys..adoi.. miss la those moments..

Mior Azhar said...

yeah, Meor doesn't help much too - bad influence heeehehehihi. Dia ingat ke gamaknya birthday anak dia yang ini?
Arissa and the sisters have all grown up lar.. tak ada dah those moments.. its now the stage where they will huddle in their room and lock the door..and sembang at the top of the voice. Bapak? No entry...

Kak Teh said...

Happy Birthday Arissa! Mior , time really flies. They've all grown up and yet, we still treat them like babies. Am so guilty of that too. I called them sayang mama - even in public and you can imagine the dagger look!

tokasid said...

Salam pak mior:

Selamat Hari Lahir to Arissa.
Wah! Sudah besar panjang anda ini ya Cik Arissa. Saya doakan Cik Arissa sentiasa di rahmati ALLAH sepanjang hidup dan Cik Arissa akan menjadi seorang anak yang taat kepada ayah dan ibu, kerana ingatlah Cik Arissa, keredhaan ALLAh kepada kita bergantung kepada keredhaan ibu bapa kita jua adanya.

Pakcik Tokasid doakan Cik Arissa berjaya dalam apa jua lapangan yang bakal Cik Arissa ceburi. Amin Ya Rabbal'alamin.

Pakcik Tokasid

( maaf bahasa formal yang pakcik gunakan, kerana Cik Mior kata Cik Arissa agak skema sikit .)

(ps- mior aku tak tahan nak gelak ni..aku pulak jadi skema macam anak kome, yob!)

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Meor,

My compliments and birthday wishes to your daughter Arissa!

Pak Meor, don't you taint her with bahasa pasar like we use...Arissa is a gem to me, a one in a million! Perhaps, truly Wanita Melayu Terakhir :) You sir, are a lucky father. And she, a lucky daughter :)

Sampaikan salam saya kepadanya :)

arissa said...

Wan Anom,
Thank You. Bila nak kasi hadiah?

Auntie Teh,
Terima Kasih. Cita-cita saya nak belajar di UK. Doakan saya berjaya mencapai cita-cita itu. Nanti saya boleh datang rumah auntie. Okay?

arissa said...

Pakcik Tokasid:
Terima Kasih di atas ucapan Selamat Hari Lahir. Bapak saya kata pakcik adalah seorang doktor. Nanti bila besar saya pun nak jadi doktor. Tetapi saya nak belajar di UK sebab boleh pergi rumah Auntie Teh.
Bapak juga suruh saya ucapkan terima kasih di atas nasihat Pakcik di atas. Terima Kasih.

Uncle cakapaje,
Waalaikumsalam. Terima Kasih, uncle. Nama uncle cakapaje kah? Peliklah saya rasa.

Zabs said...

Salam Mior,
Happy birthday Arissa. Saya pun ada anak berumur 11 tahun. Anak pencen. Sebab yang lain-lain semua dah 19 tahun ke atas. Yang ini akan teman kami selepas pencen nanti.

Zawi said...

Salam. Tumpang lalu untuk mengucapkan Happy Birtday Arissa from Pak Zawi. God willing you will be in UK to do your medical course. Meantime study hard and play as hard too.

Mior Azhar said...

Pak Zabs,
Your youngest is 11 years old too. Tetap our babies selama2nya. Thank you for the ucap selamat.

Pak Zawi,
Terima Kasih. I'm sure Arissa appreciates your vote of confidence.

Asma said...

Happy Birthday Arissa! hadiah2 tu kita share tau..hehe.

IBU said...

Salam Bapak.

Happy Birthday Arissa..

I can't help smiling when I read the part that she won't allow Bapak sitting rapat2 to Emak. hehehe.. reminds me of exactly what I did when I was small. Pon cam tu jugak.

Maybe, just maybe... that's the youngest firasat, so that they will stay the youngest in the family forever. hehehe ...

WANSHANA said...

Happy Birthday, Arissa!!!

Aunty also left a birthday wish for you at your Mama's blog ;D

Youngest child syndrome - my youngest son is also like that lah. Cannot see Mommy and Ayah together-gether. Mesti nak menyelit...

Semoga diberkati Allah, and insyaAllah mencapai cita-cita to further your studies in the UK and become a doctor. Amin.

P/S : Doktor - doktor jugak, tapi, Diva - mesti jugak, eh? ;)

anom said...

Abang A.. ntah la whether dia ingat ke tak.. nanti anom sms dia..As for Arissa and the girls, they all ingat tak all their antiques masa kecik agaknya ?

Arisaa.. inysallah nanti bila Wan Anom datang tengok opah, Wan Anom bawak k..

tokasid said...

Minta laluan:

Arissa- If Arissa nak jadi doktor juga, memang bagus. Tetapi...jangan jadi doktor biasa-biasa saja macam Pakcik Tokasid. Jadi doktor Pakar. Tak kisah ada jua disciplinenya.

Kita memerlukan ramai pakar-pakar muslim.

InsyaALLAH ALLAH makbulkan harapan Arissa,suatu hari nanti.
Ameen Ya Rabb.

Mat Salo said...

Best ye Cik Mior anak pompuan dah besar. Time waits for no one kan bro'. So savor and enjoy all their childhood years. First of all , Happy Birthday from Uncle Matsalo to Arissa (aah, what a nice name - Arissa, my daughter is Alesha).

Actually, in November I'm inundated by birthdays in my immediate family. So it's good I'm In Indo here --dapat escape kasi presents! Hehee.. 1st Nov my 1st born, 2nd my Dad, 3rd my younger sis, 11th my wife! Aiyo.. all Scorpions ready to sting me!

It was late in life that after almost 16 years of marriage that we are blessed with a girl (the boys being 14 and 6). She only a year plus now. So my when Alesha turns 15, I'll be 65! Hopefully God would let me live long enough lah Cik Mior... Insya'Allah.

But frankly, I just can't wait for her to grow up! Syiok nyer... so long as my baby girl don't call me Encik Mat Salo cukup le.. :)

Mior Azhar said...

Thanks. Your youngest macam tu jugak. Hmm, I never thought of that reason though. Must be le kan, hehehehe

Thanks. Arissa said thank you too. Yes, doktor-doktor jugak and diva mesti jugak, hehehe

Mior Azhar said...

Depa tak ingat dah.. especially Arissa lagi-lagi lar. And did you remember her fixation towards Barney? Sekarang ni tak boleh langsung mention the word Barney, malu sesangat!
And get this, this coming Wednesday Arissa's going to her first majlis anugerah kecemerlangan at school. She came out third masa final exam baru lalu. Isn't that something? Opah2 dia macam tak percaya...

Mior Azhar said...

Terima Kasih. You have a good point there sir.

Bro Mat,
Do you know what? I can't really recall those days when my daughters were babies. I even have difficulty differentiating their babies photos.
Alesha is a beautiful name too. I'm sure she lights up everybody's life at your end. And I'm pretty sure she won't call you Encik Mat Salo.. Cik Mat perhaps. kekekeh

Hanafi Mohd Noor said...

Happy birthday to your daughter.

aida said...

hmm bapak/abg a'a..dah sampaikan ker wish umi aida/wan aida diorg nih kat arissa..klu dah bagusla..klu blum wishkan jerla wlupun dah lambat..hehehe..
anyway arissa..bagusla..wan aida doakan, impian arissa nak study kat uk tuh termakbul..
oohh..lupa plak..thanks sbb buat birthday pipa..kirim salam kat kak yan and family..

Mior Azhar said...

Saudara Hanafi,
Thanks for the ucap selamat and visiting. Your blog is very interesting.

Mior Azhar said...

Umie Aida,
Yeah finally. Masuk jugak kat sini yeeer. Arissa said thanks. And about birthday Pipa tempoh hari, tak de hal punya. Umie Aida nak buat besday kat sini pun boleh... mari mari mari

idham said...

pak mior....happy birthday to Arissa...belated tu sbb pakcik dok busy tutup buka tutp buka blog hehehhe

semoga 'daddy's baby' berjaya dunia akhirat.

pakcik pakpayne

Mior Azhar said...

Pak Payne,
Arissa said thanks.

yone said...

Salam abg a'a,
sorry la lambat sangat nak wish arissa...been bz sbb tuh lama tak check blog
anyway, Happy Birthday to u Arissa...as a birthday present, ajak la bapak turun penang bleh wan yone bawak jalan2(i'll try to bring u guys to interesting places ekkk)
teringat dulu2 arissa suka ja immatate apa2 saja yg dia suka heheh jadi cinderella la,tetiba tukaq jadi princess ler...hehe it was fun yg paling tak tahan tuh kucing pun bleh ikut jer apa yg dia nak wat kat depa(masukkan kucing dalam kettle)

Mior Azhar said...

Yone ingat depa masukkan kuching dlm kettle tu ? Abg aa pun dah lupa.. heheheh
Arissa said thank you Wan Yone.

Anonymous said...

hepi belated burfday to my lovely arissa jge..
comey sgt gmba die..
macam top model plak..