Beware of Carjacking tactic

This arrived in my inbox recently. From my colleague in the office. Sama-sama kita berhati-hati dan berjaga-jaga...

Dear friends,
The latest tactic used by robbers to stop you while driving and to rob, rape or slash you has come to my attention after a friend of mine was trapped in this situation.
My good friend was driving along Kesas Highway with his wife just after Plaza Tol Puchong towards Kajang last Sunday 23rd December at around 11 pm after attending a dinner function at his relative's house in Bandar Sunway.
Suddenly, a motorbike overtook them and the pillion rider threw 2 eggs onto his car windscreen. Within seconds, his whole windscreen was smeared with the messy broken eggs. His immediate reflex action was to turn on the windscreen wipers which naturally covered the whole surface and blurred his vision in no time.
So he immediately slowed his car and brought it to a halt along the emergency lane. Then he got out of his car and was trying to wipe and wash the windscreen while his wife was seated inside the car. All of a sudden a Proton Satria stopped behind his car and 3 guys came running towards him with Samurai swords screaming at him to surrender his car and wallet.
Luckily my friend, who is attached to the police CID, managed to pull his gun out and fire two warning shots in the air. The 3 guys ran helter skelter back into their car and drove off at a very high speed.
He called up for assistance and was told the getaway car had a false number plate.
Apparently, this tactic has been used quite often in the latest string of road side robberies especially with lady drivers or men driving alone or with women and small children.

So please, should you encounter such a situation, REMEMBER to make sure:
1) Not to turn on your car windscreen wipers.
2) Continue driving, with whatever available vision, to the nearest petrol station, police station, 7-Eleven store or any other crowded or brightly lit place to attract attention.

Be Safe All.


cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Mior,

The high rise in crime is due to the increasing cost of living, though this should not be any excuse at all. Further to this, the police are now too busy to ensure a clamp down on opposition gatherings instead of arresting crime.

But thank you for the reminder.

Mior Azhar said...

Salam Shah,
Yeah, you got it right. Somehow I wonder where's their (the PDRM ehem) priority. Now that the election is coming, they will even more busy lah - almaklumlah opposition will surely create chaos everywhere. All these awhile the real bad guys got away ......