Jalan-Jalan Holiday

The five of us haven't been going for a family holiday for a longest time. It means just the five of us. When the girls were smaller (pre-schools days), I made it a point to go for a holiday at least once a year. Just us. Sure, there were instances recently where where tagged along other family members for jalan-jalan- like last Raya when we, on the spur of the moment, decided to go to Lumut. But it's not the samelah.
So during the last Maal Hijrah long weekends the other day, with rezeki from Allah, we decided to go for a road trip up east coast. The Five of Us.
The plan was to drive up to Kuantan, stay overnight there and then make our way to Kuala Terengganu the next day. We would then spend three days in KT exploring the many wonderful attractions there (actually the only attraction for the ladies of my life was that Pasar Payang, more about that later.) Kuantan was chosen because I've never set foot in Kuantan town itself. The few times that I made a trip east coast we somehow always skipped the town. So I resolve to visit the last remaining state's capital that had so far "eluded" me. And KT because I haven't been there oh for many years. Kota Bahru would be a nice additiion in the agenda but that would mean extra day or so. No more cuti. Next time perhaps.
Alas, we can only plan but Allah knows best. Whadaya know? As we were approaching Temerloh (on the east coast highway no less), our car came to a stuttering stop. Siap dengan asap lagi. And I have sent the car for thorough servicing the day before. What luck. We called for the highway tow truck service before being towed to Temerloh exit. And when the mechanic came, he dropped the bombshell that they needed at least two days to repair the damage. And both Yan and I were really dejected by the news that Yan said that we could very well forget about the whole thing. The good mechanic sent us to the nearby Seri Malaysia where we checked in for the day.
Yan and the girls while waiting for the tow truck at east coast highway.
We spent two nights in Seri Malaysia Temerloh while waiting for the car to be repaired. That experience left us not wanting to return to that Seri Malaysia Hotel. In that short of time, we occupied three different rooms (because all the air-conditions were not working properly), and its rather dusty and dirty (better not get into it lah). And having cooped up in one room for more than 24 hours was certainly no fun. But alhamdulillah, the mechanic (whom I called Along) managed to speed up the repair and delivered the car back early Saturday morning (instead of Sunday morning). Which means, we still got time to drive up to KT. So in no time, we gladly left the hotel at the earliest possible time. And we rolled into KT around 2pm later that day. Traffic was quite bad that day but janji dapat pergi.
After performing the solat jamak qasar, Yan wasted no time by herding us all back into the car. First stop, where else, Pasar Payang. Oh by the way, we checked into YT Midtown Hotel. Such a cool hotel as it is situated right in the centre of the city. Within walking distance to Pasar Payang and many other attractions. And the room is by far superior than those of the ones we had in Temerloh.
After Round One in Pasar Payang, we decided to check out the popular Pantai Batu Burok. Asma wanted to ride a pony there. But as usual she chickened out at the last minute. Arissa and Alia of course rode on those ponies gamely.

Ni ha, orang yang nak naik pony sesangat. Duduk buat muka poyo.

It was hot in KT. Super hot. It shows here in the pix. But the sea breeze was rather nyaman.
Alia is one girl who would gamely try on many games ke, ride ke or anything that catches her fancy. Macam this kite. She wanted to cuba (actually the bapak also want to) so she bought one. Alia is the one you would want team up if you are trying out for The Amazing Race. And forget about Asma.
An interesting tourist bus in down town KT.
Of course, we did the tourist round in Cendering. The next day. Here we were at Noor Arfa Batik sprawling new centre witnessing the batik making process.
Then we went to Pusat Kraf for songket weaving demo. Very tourists kan?
Then we visited the waterfront. And were delighted to see boats like these.
We parked our car along this road. In front of the waterfront oblivious to the fact that the building on the right is the now my girls' favourite place - yes Pasar Payang. We spent a few moments here while waiting for Yan's nephew to come over. Raziman or Im is a CID officer at the KT PDRM here. The girls remembered him as we attended his wedding in Bagan Serai last year. Now they were very impressed as they thought he works as a CSI in KT. Apa-apalah.
Im belanja us minum at Pasar Payang while waiting for another Yan's niece Shida to come over from Setiu to join us. Of course lah when you are in Pasar Payang you did not simply minum2 but turut serta shopping. That's Round 2.

Another view of Waterfront Bazar. Katanya those hawkers at the pasar Payang will move into this building soon. Ye ker?
My love . After that we went for lunch with Shida (Im has gone back to work). Balik Hotel sat to solat. And then it's Round 3 at Pasar Payang. While there, Im called asking us to join for tea somehwere in KT. Nasib baik ada Shida who seems to know her way very well. Hmm. Kena bagitau mak dia nih.
Shida showing Alia how to eat Laksam (ker Laksan?)
That's Im and wife Diana. Perfect hostlar.Bagus dapat anak sedara macam ni. That evening he belanja us again at one of the seafood joint in Seberang Takir. The place was quite dark tatau apa nama. But thanks a lot.

Anyway, the trip was delightful. Although Alia and Asma still can't accept the fact that the Floating Masjid Tengku Zaharah is not really a floating mosque. And they still couldn't figure out why the Pantai Batu Burok is named as such. "Apa yang buruknya?" tanya Asma. Sapa nak tolong jawab?
P.s: there're round 4 and 5 at Pasar Payang. Hik hik!(Imagine if we go to Kelantan?!)


cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Mior,

Alhamdulillah, apart from the car incident, I think you and your family enjoyed your trip.

About Seri Malaysia, I too experienced similar problems - dust! But apart from that Maran (I think) Seri Malaysia, I've had no problems with other SM in KT, Penang, Alor Setar or was it Sg Petani. Perhaps KT SM is one of the best. Trick is, we have to avoid smaller towns SM as they do not have sufficient visitors and thus, the undusted rooms. Pity eh.

Mior Azhar said...

Salam Shah,
Very true. I've been to better SM in bigger towns. None compared to the ones in T. It was in real bad condition, and it was rather full when we were there. And mind you it was not just dust but hygiene issues too. Just can't bring myself to write about its bathrooms.
And yeah we had fun, nevertheless. Must do it more often

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Mior
The one thing I cannot compromise during holidays is accommodation. That's why a budget holiday for me can also bust my budget.
But during my stint at Nuance and doing the roadtrip to Pahang, I had to stay at Seri Malaysia in Temerloh, Kuantan and Rompin. I notice all the bilik air in all these hotels sama je, tak maintain.
I think we should highlight these issues, so that the management take notice.
p/s on a roadtrip to Kelantan, we stayed at Renaissance. Puas hati.

elviza said...

A'kum Mior Azhar,

Ini ada rahsia nak citer, kita pun dah lama baca blog nih... usually I hop to this blog from Tok Mommy's.

And this posting; indahnya Kuala Terengganu, sentiasa dekat di hati saya...

WANSHANA said...

Salam Mior,

Even though you all did not manage to cover the whole of the original destinations, looked like you all still had mega fun. Yang penting, dapat spend time with Yan and the girls, kan?

Hmmmm...5 rounds of Pasar Payang? Dah kosong gamaknya kedai-kedai kat situ kena borong by Keluarga Mior, ya? ;)

drzeze said...

salam to bapak Mior,
jalan sebelah pantai Timur memang best , banyak tempat shopping (eheheh....sure Yan agree with me).

Kesian pulak hajat nak ke K.B tak kesampaian..sana lagi best tau(provokasi ni...ehehe next school holiday bulan March ni bapak...)
Accomodation kat Seri Malaysia ? memang dah serik kena kat JB dulu...

Zabs said...

Salam Mior,
Glad you enjoyed your holiday although ada sikit mishap at the beginning.
Masjid tu kalau betul2 floating takut dihanyut oleh air kot? ehehehe..
Macam Pantai Batu Buruk tu, dah takda batu buruknya, kerana dah hanyut.... ok ke?

Mior Azhar said...

How true, the bilik air are simply not well-kept. It may look clean but the lingering smell was urgh.
Yeah, maybe we should write about these hotels.
Yes, our next rtip should be KB and I think I'll settle for Renaissance lar, serik. But to be fair, YT Midtown in KT, although a budget hotel, is rather okay. No complaints there. Even more so for us who just arrived from SM Temerloh.
Its not really difficult to please us, janji clean. After all we need hotel room to sleep in je.

Mior Azhar said...

Wasalam Elviza,
Seronoknya anda ke sini. An honour, really.
People said KB is even more happening kalau nak bershopping. We plan to go there next, tatau bilalah but InsyaAllah this year jugak.That's your kampung kan kan.

Mior Azhar said...

The thing was I have prepared an itinerary of sorts to cover as many attractions in KT. When I suggested that we go to Muzium Terengganu, all four of them look at me one kind, ignored me, and then proceeded to Pasar Payang yet again.
Imagine if we go to KB, mesti our itinerary will revolve around Pasar Siti Khadijah. Mesti punya.

Mior Azhar said...

Dr Zeze,
Memang best ke sana... always love it. Semetelahan kami ni dari Kampar and then cari rezeki kat KL. Pergi ke belah sana macam jakun lar jugak sebab predominantly Malay area. Something different jugaklar. Our daughters lagi la culture shock dengar the loghat sana.

Nafastari said...

En. Mior!!! U forgot that I'm here in KT, I can even hear the ombak of Bt Buruk from my house, I can see the YT midtown from my office...
U should have contacted me, I nak blanja u & family nasi dagang kat makcik yg kontroversi jual nasi dagang RM45 tu..
Yes, once I also thought the masjid floats but then it's ok la, at least it looks like floating kan.. I pernah tulis pasal masjid kat my blog
Batu Buruk? Gue pun xtau mcmana it derives its name- kena tanya org2 tua la... eh, ada apa pada nama?

Nafastari said...

Tempat u makan Laksang (this's how local call it)tu, kitorang panggil Air Buah gelas Besar, Seberang takir.. Tempat gue lepak jugak la dulu2 masa muda.. hehe

Mior Azhar said...

Sdra Nafastari,
Saya teringat juga akan saudara di KT, tapi mana mungkin mau menganggu orang baru. Tak pe la mungkin dikesempatan lain kita pasti kan bertemu juga. Tambahan kami sudah jatuh cinta sama KT, pasti akan ke sana lagi.

drNO said...

seronoknya cuti2 malaysia...
banyak x beli stok keropok lekor, etc...
apart from the 'car' thing, ur family seems like enjoying themselves..
dah 2 thn x ke sana...rindu dgn nasi dagang.
nasib baik blk kg kt klate ada jugak...
lps ni jom le ke kelantan pulak..:):)

nisa said...

bestnye pg jalan²!

Mior Azhar said...

Dr No,
Memang enjoys (memetik immortal words of Ella). But KT today surprises me. A bustling city, although not quite in the same mold as cities this side of west coast, but charming still

Mior Azhar said...

mmg best. Eh nanti CNY dengarnya ada certain org mahu dtg KL. Ajak dia dtg rumah, kita buat majlis orientasi ker suai kenal ke.

nisa said...

haha.. boleh juge.. tgk la cemane.. hehehe.. sediakan killer questions lah yer.. biar die terkedu kedan nnt.. hahaha..

Zawi said...

What went wrong with the car? After such preparation it is a wonder how such malfunction could occur.
Anyway it is alway great to be able to holiday with the whole family. I can't recall when we last did that because my children are grown up now with their own family to holiday with. The one that I can never forget is the time we stayed up in a chalet in Cherating a long long time ago.
Please holiday as a family as much as you can as it can only be done before the children grow up and have destinations of their own to go to.
Later when my children started to join boarding school, we lose them one by one. How I miss those days when my children were still young children. Now I will have to borrow their children to relive those days again.

Dad of 4+1 said...

Mior - I wish my kids are a little bit older to endure the long journey Tapi sebenonye whether the mom and dad can endure the antics of the little ones in the car for such a long journey....LOL! T'ganu is in our plan this year....We'll see!

Mior Azhar said...

Pak Zawi,
It's an old car so I wasn't not really surprised when it suddenly went bonkers, but melayang jugak lah duit yang supposedly should be used for shopping. Heheh
Yes, I should enjoy for holiday time with the girls while they are still ...er.. young. Thank god they are not in any boarding school pun.

Mior Azhar said...

Datang jgn tak datang yer. But ket us know in advance lar. As for killer questions... kita serah kan aje pada Asma. How's that?

Travelling with younger kids pun enjoy, and I'm sure yours are delightful. Yes mine are a bit older (one thing no need to bring supplies of diapers and formula milk) but bear in mind theyr are cleverer (as in sudah panjang akal to request this and that). Your trip up north last year was enjoyable too.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm leaving a comment in an old post, but I've just come across your blog today.
You have a very nice family and you come across as a very loving father. This particular post is very touching. I never had any real quality family vacation when I was growing up. I'm sure your children enjoyed the trip but they will only truly understand the value of those moments and how precious it was when they become older.
Keep up the good work!

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