Dania - Our first fourth generation!

We balik kampung again last weekend to welcome our first 4th generation into our extended family. Farhana and Hasri (Yan's niece who got married last year) became the proud parents of Dania (there's a longer name but I could not, for the life of me, remember it).
With Dania, both Yan and I automatically acquired the grandparents title, sort of. And the girls became Tante Lia, Tante Asma and Tante Rissa respectively.
Like most babies, Dania was down with jaundice thus has to be put under the blue light. Here's two-day old Dania in her very first sexy post. Mengancam woo. Unfortunately, our camera acting up so most of her photos came out blurry, except for this one.
The new mommy and the new moyang yang kalut. The first night Dania came home, she didn't sleep. Keeps on checking on the baby every hour or so.
Our rombongan menyerbu the hospital to visit Dania..... that's the new daddy jadi door stopper. Its still surreal for Hasri... welcome to parenthood.

And oooh since we were in the neigbourhood, that Saturday we took time off to attend another wedding in Ipoh - this time anak sedara Yan - Fatihah - punya wedding.
The parents of the bride.....salam2 with the tetamu... punya lah ramai manusia siap with traffic jam. My mother in law and I were so ready to turn back...but luckily we presevered as
we met so many sedara mara yang lama tak jumpa... like Wa here with Yan. Wa who is married to the bride's uncle is also my junior in school...
This is Yan and Pilus. Pilus is Yan's BFF when they were in school. Ye lah cousin pun sekali...
Cousin sebaya .... Ati and Arissa
New aunties --- the tantes
Mak meeting the tuan rumah....
Childhood friends.... Yan with An and Liza... kengkawan masa kecik2 dulu
More relatives... Kak Eton and son Ron...
Kita orang melepak after makan-makan....
Dan terkejut jumpa seorang cousin ya g terlebih gaya...


anom said...

Wah!!! Farhana dah dapat anak.. OMG!! Masa dulu2 visit kat rumah Abg A, bila terserempak dengan dia, macam budak2 aje lagi.. sekarang dah jadi mummy.. How lucky.. Kata congratulations kat dia ye abg a.. Kirim salam skali ye! Tu the moyang and opahnye(Kak La) as well..

Amboi Tantes...over!!:p

Mior Azhar said...

Hahaha, kan mcm budak jer lagi, perangai pun mcm bebudak jer lagi. And yes Anom, you should see the tantes... bunyi mcm org seberang jerk. They don't want the usual mak yong, mak ngah segala... nak go auntie mcm ngada2 ler pulak... last2 settle with tante.
Tapi Kak Yan is the one in denial... nak bahasa kan diri dia Wan jer. Abang Aa is Tok Uncle.... hehehehe

wanshana said...

Hello "Tok Uncle"...

(Fuyooo...tak nak kalah...)

Anyway, what's in a name? Kalau dah "atok" tu, "atok" jugak kan?! Hahaha!

P/S : I dah suggest Azian use the name "Nanny Yan". Bule?

nixa said...

Tok Cik A'a.. hehehe.. name baru.. wah.. comelnye baby.. huhu.. why la tak ajak saye sekali blk tgk cucu? huhu..

- Tante nisa -

nixa said...

her name is Hasfariesya Dania.. just text Ana to ask her girl's long version name.. sgt sejuk perut dgr name tu.. hehehehe.. sedap..

Mior Azhar said...

Tok Uncle hehehhe... but the girls were laughing their heads off upon knowing this... but Nannt\y Yan sounds cool... boleh boleh sesangat

Mior Azhar said...

Laaa terluper ler pulak nak ajak... ingat kan satu family tak nak balik... but its Tok Uncle lar not Tok Chik A'a

nixa said...

eleh.. nk yg glamer je.. hehehe..

Anonymous said...

aiyyooo...ana dah dpt anak ka???
t'kejutnya saya..hehehe
br dok t'pikiar yg dia bru ja kawin..skali tgk2 dah dpt anak..
kim slm kat dia n da husband naa..say congrates to them and to all..still tak leh cayo eh...huhu


newr0ll said...

che a!
anak ckp nape ltak pix dier ngah dahi berkerut..
r0sak gambo!
n 0ne m0re thing.
baru nurul prasan yg kat bl0g alia,
di0rg ckap baby tu d0k bwh "scanner"!!
its n0t a scanner!
nanti ckp kat alia ewk?
kalu scanner penyek baby tuh!