Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.So here goes...

1. I am an obese. As if you don’t notice right?
2. Growing up I wanted to be an Olympic Champion in gymnastics and 100 metres dash.
3. Then I discovered Oscar and I dreamed of becoming the Best Actor instead.
4. I don’t have a fond memory of my school years. Nothing exciting ever happened.
5. Except perhaps when I was in Form 6 where I hold so many positions in many school clubs and associations. I was a chairman for GPMS (school chapter), vice chairman for BM club, Secretary for Persatuan Agama Islam, treasurer for the school's librarians and the form six society as well as being on the committee for several others. No wonder my result was nothing to shout about.
6. I own more kain pelikat than trousers
7. I like Domino’s Pizza
8. I don’t sing and can’t sing. Never did like karaoke session.
9. I procrastinate religiously
10. I normally read two or three books simultaneously. One will usually be by the bedside, another in living hall and another one I carry to work. So I get confused rather often.

11. Naturally, I lurrveeee “kedai buku’.

12. Being in a stationery store (or at least a stationery section of a store) is very calming.
13. I’ve been writing about IT for most of my professional life but I’m utterly useless when it comes technical stuff.
14. I think I’m a skillful liar. I’ve used most of the lies in the book.
15. When in doubt, I let it be. I’m not really a curious person.
16. My late father and my mother are second cousins.
17. I’ve met all four of my grandparents. Except for my paternal grandmother (who died when I was already working in 1992), the other three passed on when I was seven years old. But I remember them all.
18. I hate Melodi, that TV programme
20. I like taking the LRTs
21. My daughters call me “Bapak”
22. I resolve to bring my family to Hawaii. Been there twice and simply love love love love that place!
23. Favourite food is ayam rendang by my wife.
24. I don’t do EPL.
25. Umrah, Haji and Al-Aqsa … in that order.

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