Presenting Zara!!!

Somehow, for some reasons, I have yet to post her picture here. Our third "cucu", Zara Yasmin, is now more than 5 months.And what a beautiful angel she is. Kind of reminded me of our three girls when they were small, hehehe. We dropped in to see her yesterday and came away with this pix. Presenting Zara....

Zara Yasmin Azham

Zara with her Wan Yan and Tok Uncle

And this is definitely my favourite pix of Zara. Isnt' she simply delightful?

Zara and her mama Faizah


meanwhile, the other two cucus have also grown up... here's

Aidil .... who is turning into a handsome young man... and
Dania yang masih , erm, dot dot dot


newr0ll said...

zara tegap + tinggi + berisi dah!

aidil comel!

ape dania nye che a?

Mior Azhar said...

Zara tersangatlah jelitanya
Aidil handsome

Dania dot dot dot jer (hahahaha) - geramler

Akmal said...

Terer Zara posing 3rd pix tu hehehe. Comel habis! :D

Mior Azhar said...


hehehe... babies!!! always delightful

Yangness said...

zara is a byoooooooooooootiful name.

btw, MICHAEL JACKSON ROCKS!!! check out my reply to ur cmmt

Neeza Shahril said...

comelnya zara... macam mama dia comel..
dania tu kenapa dot dot dot?
comel aje dia cuma masam sikit.. bad mood kot.. :)

nixa said...

ehhh.. comelnye zara! hahaha.. comel sgt!!

aiddil n dania pon comel ok.. aiddil skrg dah pandai marah org la cik a'a.. geram je tgk si kenit tu..

bile la nk buat gathering bebudak kecik ni? hehe..

Mior Azhar said...

zara is also a beautiful girl, really!
But Michael Jackson? What gives, o dear, niece?

Mior Azhar said...

Hi Neeza,
How are you... am sure your kids are comel-comel jugak..
Tak de apa2 lah.... cuma Dania ni dah banyak akal... geram comel gaks

Mior Azhar said...

Ekceli, bebudak bertiga ni tak pernah bertemu sekali harung kan? Kena buat majlis reunion nih....
Tapi rasanya Faizah nak buat majlis naik buai Zara cuti sekolah nanti... rasanya lah mungkin di situ?

wanshana said...


Your cucus are all so gorgeous!

And I LOOOOOOVE that pic of Zara smiling/sengeh in her sleep, too!!!

(Terasa macam nak have another baby lah pulak macam ni...Hehehe!)

Yangness said...

i dunno wat happened lar. after he made dat announcement i literally went mental! this obsession is like my thing with twilight lar!! OMG MJ!!!!!!!!

btw, zara is byoooooooootiful sesgt!! love the pic dia senyum

Mior Azhar said...

Yes they are simply comey!!!
But, unlike you, they don't make me want to have another baby lar... maybe because all my daughters are all in secondary kot. I'm too old for all those sleepless nights etc... hahaha

sHwEeT ByAtcH said...

chumelnyer.... geram nengok pipi...
tmbh2 yg last tu.. nk geget2 je..

mior (jugak) said...

Salam... terjumpa your blog via search engine. Ada nama Mior, ada nama Zara... ada pulak Subang Jaya hehe.

Just introducing myself: Mior Haslem. My wife ada blog, kalau sudi bleh le gi tengok2: somethingaboutazura.blogspot.com. Our daughter name is also Zara :). Yasmin is my niece. Banyaknya kebetulan.