Tag No 6.

I've been tagged. This time by a very dramatic mom up north. I think this is a bit tedious lah, Yah. But a promise is a promise... so here goes:

GO to your photos folder in your computer
-GO to the 6th Folder of your photos
-GO to the 6th photos in that folder
-Put the picture on your blog & description of it.
-Invite 6 friends to join the challenge
-Link them in your blog & let them know they have been challenged.

And the lucky photo is this.... hahaha:

This photo is found under folder named "Gathering". This is Ishak Hasan and me. Ishak is one of my best buddies from UM days. He can be sentimentally dramatic. But that's just Ishak being Ishak. This photo was taken in August last year. Location: HUKM, Cheras (he was there with family as his eldest son - with kidney complications - had to undergo some routine check-up). We have not met for almost 20 years. The last time we saw each other was when he came to my house in Puchong in 1990, I think. He was on his way to Kuching for his akad nikah then. The next morning I drove him to Subang Airport where he boarded the first flight out to Kuching. We called each other a few times after that but that was it. He moved to Kuching to be with his new bride. And during those pre-cellphone, pre-Internet and pre-Air Asia days, Kuching was quite a faraway destination. We lost contact until apparently he googled my name early last year and stumbled upon this blog.

Today, he has moved back to Perlis, his hometown while his wife Dr Rabiah Abdul Ghani (tengok Ak, aku ingat lagi nama bini hang in full) is at UUM. With four beautiful kids, he is still teaching but finds life back in kampung very blissful. Good for you, my friend! And I'm mighty glad that we are able to meet again.

Okay now, I'm supposed to tag 6 other people. I think, I'll just tag all my nephews and nieces yang ada blog. And yes, my three daughters too.

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