What's with the Twilight? .. or is it Edward Cullen?

For those not keeping track, Twilight is the first of the four book series by Stephenie Meyers. The tale of teenage girl Bella and Edward, the handsome vampire who loves her, has found a wide audience beyond the young adult (and women, may I add) category.

As a matter of fact, just like the Harry Potter series previously, this too is considered a new pop-culture phenomenon.And what a phenomenon it is! Pre-teen and teenage girls (who have read the books) around the world are swooning over Edward the vampire. Yes, really!!!

My two girls Alia and Asma are no exception. And don't let me start with how fanatical my niece Safia is with all things Edward. In fact these three girls join millions other girls obsessing over a fictional vampire. Hmmmphf!! (wonder if Soraya and Sabrina are into this too???).

How obsessive can they be? Very. Why, just the other day when I just mentioned in passing that an 18-year old girl had won a very sleek silver Volvo driven by Robert Pattinson (he who plays Edward) in the movie during Tyra Banks talk show over the weekend, in Los Angeles (and very very far away from Malaysia, mind you), my girls simply burst to tears. Haiya!!!

Anyways, for those keeping track would know that the movie adaption of "Twilight" premiers in local theatres this Thursday. And the excitement at home is, I have to say, palpable. Extremely tense. The girls have been calling me at the office and my mobile every so often just to give me updates on Twilight screening. Yeah, like why?????

They too have been monitoring GSC and TGV websites waiting for the reservation windows of the movie to be made available. I think they became among the first few to reserve the seats. With nothing else occupying their conversations but Twilight these past few weeks, it is only natural that both Yan and I are now quite keyed up too. Macam nak tunggu Hari Raya umpamanya.

And like a good bapak, of course, I'm obliged to bring them over on the first day of the screening. They even demanded that I take a leave from work. Haaah!

I must say it's not really going to be a sacrifice since I've also read the book (just recently finished it) and, despite certain problems with some of the plots (the conversations in the meadow is kinda long winded, no?), rather enjoyed it. Hehehehe.

Okay, the truth is, I'm glad that I'm playing chaperon because it gives me a good reason to be there without looking like a total loser for being so excited about a teen movie. So, now that Thursday is beckoning, we’ll be at the nearest cinema for some Twilight psychotherapy. And most probably, I’ll post an entry to share my totally unimportant opinion about it later. Yeah, maybe!!


Akmal said...

Wow, ni dahsyat punya fan nih! But who can blame your girls? Let's blame Steph Mayer hahaha :D

Mior Azhar said...

Memang dasyat... but I prefer Hary Potter books. It took me several months to finish Twilight (but read it anyway to find out what's the deal). Apparently the last book ofthe series Breaking Dawn was super great (according to my daughters lar)

Yang Safia said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! OMG!!!!!! *teary eyed* Oh yeah, my sisters r not exactly fans but aya juz finished twilight n she wan oso to watch the movie. mama is like curious why am i constantly screaming when ppl mention twilight (radio,tv,etc). OMG X ACI U GUYS!!! THE DAY THE MOVIE COME OUT I HAVE TO SIT FOR MY FINALS (lst paper tho) BUT I'LL B WATCHING ON THE 28TH!! I ORDY ASKED MY FREND TO BOOK TICKETS. I wanted to bring aya along since she kept pinching me coz im goin but then she cannot coz got tusyen. the initial plan was me n shira(that girl yg pendek yg ayah ngah penah nampak hanging around @ my hse) n aya with two of her bffs yg twihards. but then x jadi. but is dat goin to stop me? NO. i sort been givin off the vibes yg I.DUN.CARE wat ppl goin to say. I.MUST.WATCH.TWILIGHT.SO.I.CAN.SEE.MY.EDWARD.CULLEN! even mama got the msg kot. she's like..."ooookay, tell me wat is this twilight about"


did u know i will hyperventilate if i see a similar volvo car to the one edward drives? especially if they're silver. =_= OF COZ ITS NORMAL TO GET TEARY EYED!!!


*stuck to studying for my last paper*

Yang Safia said...

n oh ya ayah ngah. it's EDWARD CULLEN. No "s". get that rite. if he were to be real...ituh ur future anak sedare ipar tuh!! (i was referring to me)

Mior Azhar said...

Sooo sorryyyy... corrections done... I kind of expecting this reaction from you though!!!!
But we are going to the movie tomorrow (hehehehe) after work.

Anonymous said...


knowin u guys watched ahead of me breaks my heart. =_=


Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Mior
I just found out the other half's nieces went for it last night. He's not into vampire movies, so I guess I have to settle for the DVD.
I think I'll check out the book too.

Mior Azhar said...

Salam Fauziah,
I have to say its not really a vampire movie but more of a romantic tale and the movie is good but not great. As for the books, I guess we need to at least know about its existence so that our nieces and nephews will continue to regard us as one cool and hip person!!! But yeah, read the book maybe you'll like it

Mior Azhar said...

We watched it last nite... hehehehehe and Alia and Asma wanted to go for it again tomorrow.... boleh? And I say, why? why? Why? WHY????

Yang Safia said...

juz got back from watching it. check out my entry on it. ya,i agree...it was good but not great. tho sape yg x bace the book might find it awesome, juz look at my frend shira tuh...she's like "ooh,ahh-ing" the whole time. n u shud see the reaction in the cinema when carlisle first time kuar...practically all the girls gasp sbb hot sgt la tuh!!! hahaha

wanshana said...


Tell me about it. My girls have been talking about it non-stop. Fenin.

Hanna went to see the midnight premier showing with her friend and the friend's dad, and yeah, she said those who have read the books might feel a wee bit disappointed (but that would be made up by the VERY HOT Edward Cullen, so she says...Hehehe!)

I've not read the book (even though I tried to initially), so, I don't think I'll miss anything if I don't go watch the movie :)

Ishan_Qureshi said...


Mcm menarik ceritanya..tp saya tak suka tgok cerita seram versi MAT SALLEH krn hantu-hantunya tak menakutkan saya..hehehe!

Psstt, bg menjawab pertanyaan abg,YA..dulu saya mmg tinggal di New Delhi bersama family di sana. Ayah saya org Haryanvi (HARYANA, INDIA) tp ibu saya org Melayu Malaysia. Kini saya keseorangan menetap di Malaysia gara-gara mencari sesuap nasi..huhu! Ermm,kat tmpt keje abg ada jawatan kosong tak? Dah bosan keje kat Penang ni..huhuhu:-(

Mior Azhar said...

We followed them to the cinema and the truth was I dozed off for a while. Yan said the story is good but could very well be shown on Hallmark channel and save us all the trouble of going to the cinema.

Mior Azhar said...

Oooh begitu cerita hidupnya.. dan Bahasa anda bagus sekali, lebih baik dari saya, gaya penceritaan di blog anda menarik sangat. Minat jadi wartawan? nanti kalau ada kekosongan di sini akan diberitahu..

oooh cerita hantu saya tak main... lemah jantung ler nak terkejut selalu.

Ishan_Qureshi said...


Bahasa saya biasa shj, suam-suam kuku je. Saya masih lagi dlm proses pembelajaran. Ermmm,mmg minat jadi wartawan tapi nak buat mcm mana kan...telah ditakdirkan saya menjadi 'office-boy' kat sini:-(